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In very raw language, food takeaway is a system where one can order food from multiple outlets and get them collected in one place. Now, here one might get mixed up. So, let me clear it for you. Food providing outlets and food collectors are services provided by two different service providers. One might think it as cumbersome thinking of introducing a third party but one can’t be more wrong. How? I’ll be explaining it very shortly.

Let’s hit the roads of Imagination. Visualize yourself as a Sales executive of a kickass MNC, it is 12 noon on a Monday, you have already indulged in three shots of espresso, quite dead already, right? Now, with this low energy and absolutely zero motivation you move ahead to the cafeteria, stand in a queue of 20 mins to place your meal, wait another 15 mins to get your place, also not to forget, they ran out of your favorite rajma, and then you hustle for another 6 mins to get a seat. Finally, after a struggle of almost 40 mins, you are left with just 20 mins to eat your meal and get back to work.

What’s your mood right now after imagining this? Disgusted, Right?

Well, No More. We Snatched, Yes, the third party comes to rescue you with several offers while you make a streak with outlets and discounts on your food.


The seed of Snatched was owned back in our Corporate working days. The working hours were very tiresome and the lunch break was just 45 mins. And in those 45 mins, one has to get freshen up, stand in endless queues, wait for a century to order food, receive our meal and hunt for a seat. And after overcoming all these battles, the thirst for food was no longer persistent, we ate food for mere fulfillment of the biological need. Thinking about the lunch break was no longer related to Food, but was replaced by a feeling of tiresomeness and irritation. The story is pretty much the same for College students as well, the Canteens are always preoccupied and punctuality after the break is never a scene.

After starting Snatched, people with the same experience came along and now we are the team of 20 skillful creatures sharing a common vision of not letting scarcity of time kill your appetite or desire to have a peaceful meal time.

At Snatched all you have to do is select your food items from multiple sources from your cafeteria, put them in your cart and order. Meanwhile, if you do this before your break, we will get to work so that you can simply collect all your food items from us at your respective cafeteria. That’s it.

Food Takeaways will be a relief of countless corporate workers and college students and Snatched will leave no stone unturned to accomplish it.

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MBA (Business Analytics)
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