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Bhavna Malik
Managing Talent Retention of Faculty in Higher Education6th April, 2013

ISBN 978-93-83083-04-6

Globalization of Higher Education in India: Challenges & Prospects
Dr.Neelu Tiwari
Optimum Utilization of  Resources –By using Transportation TechniqueVol 5, No 2 (2015)

ISSN (Paper) 2224-6096

ISSN (Online)2225-0581

DAV College Journal
Dr.Neelu Tiwari
Quantitative Research on “Impact of Gender Diversity on the Performance of the Companies”.

ISSN No:0973-4503  , RNI No: Delhi UPENG 2006/17831.May  2013

 Journal of Commerce and Trade.
Asthana, S. and Singh, R.
Wonderchef HA- Managing Supply Chain2013Bloomsbury Publication
Dr. Monika Attri
Boundary Spanners Connecting business with Customers Seamlessly. JIM Quest (ISSN: 0975-6280); Volume 9,2 July- December 2013Boundary Spanners
Dr. Monika Attri
An empirical study on Levels of Customer Satisfaction with Retail service quality in a marketing Haat FIIB Business Review (ISSN:2319-7145) Volume :3, Issue 2, April –June,2014June 2014FIIB Business Review
Dr. Monika Attri
Role of Information Technology in Retails Quest 20142014Role of Information
Dr. Monika Attri
Relationship between internal service quality and front line employees satisfaction levels a review of the hospitality sector JIM Quest (ISSN:0975-6280) Volume 10 no. 1 January-June20142014Relationship between internal service quality
Dr. Monika Attri
Internal MarketingApril 11, 2015Tourism & Hospitality Sector Emerging Global Economic Perspectives
Dr Richa N Agarwal
Impact of Performance Appraisal and Working Environment on Attrition in IT industry2013-2014Paradigm
Dr Rajni Singh
“Corporate Social Responsibility: A Prerequisite in Supply Chain Management”Sep 2013

ISSN no. 0975 7015

 Supply Chain Pulse
Ms. Sunita Chowdhury
A Study of Consumer attitudes towards Non Indian Cuisine – A Case of Ghaziabad2013Abhigyan Fore Management Journal
Dr Richa N Agarwal
.”Assertive Leadership’s Relationship with Employee Engagement and Retention”.

Dr Rajni Singh
Stress Management Inside Organisations2015Vidushi – Ghanshyam Binani Academy of Management Science
Prof.Khan, N., & Rajendran, V.
Effect of Formal Mentoring on the Objective Measures of Performance in IT Industry in India.2015Journal of Marketing & Communication
Prof.Khan, N., & Rajendran, V
Study of the Process of Formal Mentoring in Information Technology Industry in India2015Journal of Marketing and Communication
Rajendran, V
Effect of Formal Mentoring on the Subjective Measures of Performance in IT Industry in India2015Aspirare
Asthana, S., Bhat. H., and Singh, R.
A Study of Business Performance Measurement of

Third Party Logistics (3PL) Organizations in the Indian Logistics Industry

2015IMS Manthan The Journal of Innovation,Vol X, Issue 1, Jan- Jun 2015 edition, ISSN 0974 -7141
Asthana, S. and Singh, R
A Framework of Third Party Logistics – A Cross National

Literature Review

2015Global Supply Chain and Emerging Markets, Bloomsbury Publication, ISBN: 978-93-84052-29-4
Dr.Neelu Tiwari
A  study of factors and Preferences Towards Investment Decision for Life Insurance policy2016

ISSN no.2278-0904

Amity Business Journal
Dr I B Singh
Shoppers Behaviour in organized Retail : An Empirical StudyVol-1, Issue-1 , September,2016Damascius International Interdisciplinary Journal
Dr I B Singh
Branding in Retail: Understanding Shoppers for Brand ConnectVol.9 , No.2 , April , 2016MERI Journal of Management and IT
Dr I B Singh
Shoppers preference of organized Retail formats in DelhiVol-10 , No.1 , Oct 2016.MERI Journal of Management and IT
Dr Anubha
Website Quality as an Antecedent of Customer Purchase Intention for Travel Services: A Conceptual Model2016In a book : chapter 1

ISBN No: 9789352675449

Ms.  Rashmi Maini
Unraveling the Reasons for Low Participation of Women in Indian Trade Unions2016International journal of social sciences (2)1,173- 177

Ms. Rashmi
Impact of demographic factors on Participation of Women in Trade Unions2017International journal of social sciences (3)1,209-212
Ms. Rashmi
Participation of Women in Trade Unions: A Study of Centre of Indian Trade Unions (CITU)2018Indian Journal of Industrial Relations 53(4)
Ms. Rashmi
Job sharing as a tool for flexible work systems: Creating opportunities for housewives in the Indian labor market2018Gender in Management 33(5). 350-366
Dr. I B Singh
Managing stress through Indian Ancient WisdomIssue-09 2017Quest Magazine
Dr. I.B.Singh
Leveraging the values of leadership for happiness of students and faculty in Management InstitutesIssue 10, 2017Quest Magazine
Dr. I.B.Singh
Blog Jaipuria WebsiteMay 2017Impact of GST on e-Commerce
Dr. I.B.Singh
Blog Jaipuria WebsiteJune 2017Supportive Leadership at work place
Dr. I.B.Singh
Blog Jaipuria WebsiteJuly 2017India Ethos for corporate governance
Dr. I.B.Singh
A Fustion of ancient and modern teaching learning skills –An Indian Management education perspectiveIssue 11,2018Quest Magazine
Dr.Nidhi Mathur
Impact of Investor Awareness on Investment Behaviour of an Individual towards Indian Stock Market– A Study of Delhi NCR ISBN:978-93-85000-46-1,Edition 2017, Pg. 98-102017National Seminar on Retail, Logistics & Supply Chain Management-Issues, Challenges and Prospects at DeenDayalkaushal Kendra, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
Dr.Nidhi Mathur
Perceived Risk attitude and investor awareness of individual investors towards Indian stock market ISBN:978-81-928555-2-3,Edition 2017,pg18-222017international conference on Global trends in management, Governance and Entrepreneurship  (ICGTMGE-2017)
Dr Ashwani Varshney
Changing Scenerio of Carbon Finance in India2018Asian Journal of Research in Banking & Finance

Vol VIII, No 3, March 2018, pp 96-106