Programmes Outcomes

PO 1: Apply knowledge of management theories and practices to solve business problems within available resources.
PO 2: Foster analytical and critical thinking abilities for data-based decision making.
PO 3: Ability to develop Value-based Leadership while addressing the larger environmental l issues.
PO 4: Ability to understand, analyze and communicate global, economic, legal, and ethical aspects of the business.
PO 5: Ability to lead themselves and others in the achievement of organizational goals, contributing effectively to a team environment which supports diverse and multidisciplinary settings.
PO 6: Identify business opportunities, design and implement innovations in the workspace.
PO 7: Ability to communicate effectively with all stakeholders in a business setting, considering the dynamism of the domestic/ international business environment as well as the ethical aspects.
PO 8: Ability to adapt to a rapidly changing environment by applying new skills and competencies.