MDP on “Leading Oneself through Self-Leadership”

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Jaipuria Institute of Management successfully conducted a Management Development Programme on the topic ‘Leading Oneself through Self-Leadership’ on 25th September 2021, Saturday. The mode of the program was online through Google Meet and the timings were 10 am to 4 pm. It was conducted by Ms. Guneet Kaur, Assistant Professor, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Ghaziabad.

Profile of participants included Manager – Solutions from Team Computers, Trainer – Virtusaa and Sales Manager of Reliance Retail and many others. The session was engaging and thought-provoking with respect to the concept of leading oneself without being dependent on an external leader.

The session started with an ice-breaking activity wherein participants expressed themselves in one line. It was followed by explanation of the four aspects of ‘the Self’- physical, emotional, social and spiritual. The further discussion revolved around self-esteem, self-image, self-efficacy and self-awareness. Another aspect of the MDP covered the contrast between traits of being a leader and not being a leader, instigating the significance of self-leadership. The four stages of self-leadership were conceptually explained by Ms. Guneet that were Self-awareness, self-evaluation, self-improvement and self-discipline. The discussion encompassed various examples from life, workplace and individual reactions to situations.

A self-leadership questionnaire was administered to the group to check the existing level of self-leadership in each participant so that they would be able to know and develop in terms of leading themselves. The second part of the programme focused on analyzing the mental processes during a difficult situation and how the mind creates numerous thoughts which need to be analyzed. The analogy of a snow globe and the ladder of self-leadership was used as a metaphor to inspire the participants to follow the guiding principle of self-leadership for their own success. The MDP was successful in terms of the active participation of the attendees and the way a high order interaction with the trainer took place.

Jaipuria Institute of Management aspires to share and disseminate the knowledge of its intellectual resources with the corporate personnel with the objective of training them on latest concepts to ignite campus-corporate association.