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In the current Internet age, when most of our imagination and creativity goes digital, our drawings and paintings loses their aesthetics and delicacy in the software designing,  the literary club of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad has launched its first wall magazine Magnum Opus on 21 April 22, 2022. The wall magazine highlights the beauty and subtlety of handmade painting, handwritten note, article. With a blend of literary and designing talents, the magazine promises to be a paradise for thinkers, readers and writers. The objective being to boost the creativity and imagination among the students of JIM, the magazine would avail every possible literary opportunities to students. The board of the magazine was beautifully crafted and designed by the student team members, Yuganshu Sanjay Tickoo (President, Literary Club), Ms Anindita Dandpat (Vice President, Literary Club), and core team members Ms Avishka Pundhir, Mr Rachit Mathur. It was gracefully and delicately designed with literary articles, paintings, selected photographs adding to its charm. Dr Devi Archana Mohanty, In-charge, Literary club, Ms Sanandi Sachdeva and Dr Rashmi Maini provided their constant support in the making of the wall magazine.

The effort of the team was lauded by honourable Director, Professor (Dr) Daviender Narang, Dean Student Welfare, Dr Ashwani Varshney, Dear Academics, Dr Sadanand Prusty,. The event was attended by both teaching and non teaching staff members of JIM. Students of both MBA (Common) and MBA (BA) were present in the event. Light refreshment was distributed among the attendees. The magazine team has already started inviting a series of original work, articles, poems, short story, thoughts from the students of JIM.