International Publications

S. No.
Name of the Faculty Member
Research Paper title
Date of publication
Name of the Journal (refereed)
1Rajendran, V.Protege Predictors of Successful Mentoring: A Review of Current Research Outcomes of Mentoring2012International Journal of Management and Strategy
2Verma, N., Rangnekar, S. and Barua, M.KTeam Effectiveness in Indian Organizations: A Comparative Analysis of Public and Private Sector2012Delhi Business Review Listed in CABELL’S Directory, USA
3Bhat, A.B., Verma, N., Rangnekar, S. and Barua, M.KLeadership Style and Team Processes as Predictors of Organisational Learning2012Team Performance Management  (Emerald Publishing Group)
4Verma, N., Rangnekar, S. and Jain, S.Motivational Analysis of OrganisationBehaviour: A Study in Indian Automobile Industry2012Abhigyan: The Management Journal of FORE
5Verma, N., Rangnekar, S. and Barua, M. K.Decision Making Style of Executives in India2012Asia Pacific Journal of Research in Business Management
6Verma, N., Rangnekar, S. and Barua, M.K.Reexamining TEAM (Team Effectiveness Assessment Measure): A study on Indian Executives2012International Journal of Management and Behavioural Sciences
7Asthana, S.Human Resource and Skill Gaps in Logistics Services Industry In India2012International Journal of Research in IT & Management
8Asthana, SPerformance Measurement Variables in Third Party Logistics (3PL) – A  Literature Review2013International Journal of Research in IT & Management Volume 3, Issue 1, ISSN 2231-4334, pg 17-23.
9Dr Rajni SinghMckinsey 7S Model and Organisation change Mangement2012International Journal of Information Technology & Systems
ISSN no. 22779825
10Dr Rajni Singh“Performance Management: a holistic requirement for organizations2013International journal of Research in Commerce and Management, (IJRCM) Volume No. 3, Issue No. 11  ISSN-0976-2183
11Verma, N., Rangnekar, S. and Barua, M.KMotivational Needs as predictors of Decision Making Styles2013NarseeMonjeeInstitute of Management Studies(NMIMS) Management Review
12Verma, N.Impact of motives on cognitive styles: A comparative study as an opportunity for sustainable development2014Pacific Business Review International (Listed in Cabell’s Directory, Indian Citation Index, Ulrichsweb and Scientific Indexing Services)
13Dr Richa N AgarwalA study on the relationship of Employee Satisfaction viz-a-viz attitude and perception of the employees towards the organization2014-2015International Journal of Information, Business and Management.
14Dr Rajni Singh“HR Strategies: A Prerequisite for writing success stories of Organizations”,Dec-2014, pp 39-46International Journal of Human Resource & Industrial Research,  Vol.1, Issue 8, ISSN: 2349 –3593 (Online), ISSN: 2349 –4816 (Print)
15Dr Rajni SinghHR Strategies : A prerequisite for writing success stories of organizations2014International Journal of Human Resource & Industrial Research
ISSN no. 2349-3593
16Bhavna MalikAn Integrative model of Job Characteristics, Key Attitudes and Intention to Leave among Faculty in Higher Education2015
17Dr.Neelu TiwariRole of Finance in Project ManagementISSN No. 2231 -248X,Volume II May No.5International Journal of Business and Management
18Dr.Neelu TiwariMathematical Model for the Risk of Computation Of Policies : As Fuzzy Approach..Volume-II  Issue-II –2015 JulySRM International Journal of Engineering and Sciences (SRM IJES)
19Dr.Neelu TiwariA study  of Consumer Perception towards Cell PhoneVolume-II  Issue-II –2015 JulySRM International Journal of Engineering and Sciences  (SRM IJES).
20Verma, N., Bhat, A.B., Rangnekar, S. and Barua,M.K.Association between leadership style and decision making style in Indian organisations2015 Journal of Management Development,(Emerald Publishing Group)
21Dr Ashwani VarshneyPenison Sector reform and Economic development in IndiaJAN., 2015PROGRESSING TOWARDS RESPONSIBLE ECONOMY: ISSUES AND PERSPECTIVES
Paysam Publication
22Verma, N. and Rangnekar, S.General Decision Making Style-Evidence from India2015South Asian Journal of Global Business Research,,(Emerald Publishing Group)
23Dr Rajni SinghMeasuring the effects of role efficacy enhancement on knowledge workers: Evidence from Indian IT industry2016International Journal of Productivity and Performance
Management, Emerald publishing group
24Verma, N., Rangnekar, S. and Barua, M.K.Exploring Decision Making Style as a predictor of Team Effectiveness”2016International Journal of Organizational Analysis
(Emerald Publishing Group)
25Dr Neelu TiwariAn Empirical Study of Customer Behavior towards the Preference &    Usage  of Mobile Phone Services in National Capital Region (India)2016Ansal University Business Review Vol .5 ,  Issue -2
26Ms. Avneet KaurPaper published in Vidya International journal of Management & Research on Role of women Entrepreneurs in development of Indian Economy for june 2017.June 2017Vidya International journal of Management & Research
27Ms. Avneet KaurPaper published in international Journal of Emerging Research & development (IJERnD)- vol 1 – issue 1 , April 2018 on study of role & challenges faced by HR in startups.April 2018International Journal of Emerging Research & development (IJERnD)-
28Ms. Avneet KaurPaper published in JNNCE Journal of Engineering & Management (JJEM)  Vol-1, Issue 2  JJEM-2-2017, April 2018 on Strategic Human Resource – A Model for achieving competitive Advantage.April 2018Strategic Human Resource – A Model for achieving competitive Advantage.
29Ms. Abhilasha Singh UpadhyayaTo study the relative importance and cruciality of Emotional Intelligence for the success of organization, an empirical study of ABC Company private limitedISSUE : Apr. 2017/ Volume-7/Issue-4/Article No-7/Research Article/2249-7196International Journal of Management Research and Review