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Jaipuria Institute of Management, Ghaziabad had conducted second online impact lecture and it had two sessions. First session was taken by Mr. Sourav Raina on the theme “Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Post-COVID world”. Mr. Raina started the discussion by putting forth the successful start-ups and unicorns established in COVID time. The session started with three generic questions: what has happened during COVID? what next? and what the businesses can do after COVID to sustain and scale-up? Next, triggers behind innovation were discussed and the windows of opportunities for transformation were put forth. After this, trends of various industries like automobile industries are undergoing transformation with the advent of Electrical Vehicles & automation and plethora of new players in FINTECH industry has tweaked the definition of innovation in today’s environment. How the discussion can be complete without the brainstorming over finance industry trends: cryptocurrency, venture capital market trends and the avenues of entrepreneurship in post-COVID world. The session had some wonderful tips for management students like what they will be needing in upcoming years: skills and competencies.

Second Expert lecture was taken by Dr. Nandita Sethi (Founder & MD,The Entrepreneur Zone, Consultant/Trainer/Author/Prof/ Past Chairperson, CII-IWN Tel, CM-TiE , TEDx Speaker) and she deliberated on the theme “From Innovation to Commercialisation”. Dr. Sethi started the discussion with the daily routine application of websites. Agenda of the day was the importance of research and innovation in education, steps in taking the innovation to market and start-up eco-system. The new model was put forth to understand the application-based problem solving in contemporary environment. Several myths were broken by the Prof. Sethi like Idea is not innovation. The most interesting part of the lecture was deliberating upon the concept like how to cross the chasm and different cracks in technology adoption cyc1e. Next to this, cost of taking the product to market was elaborated with the help of the concept “Valley of Death” and “Bridge the Leap”. Difference between the traditional and new business model was the next point of talk. Eight steps were told to pass this journey like understanding the noise in the system, run a divergent session in innovation, hold a convergent session in innovation, build a work like prototype followed by look like prototype, move towards scaling and launch of the product. Indian start-up and unicorn landscape and in 2020 was the last sub-theme and the session ended up with the information of start-up ecosystem players and the transition from formation to validation and growth.

Both of the sessions were attended by 180 plus student from both years of MBA and it seems a successful session ended-up with interesting Q and A round. Dr. Sheetal, President of Institution Innovation Council coordinated the event and all faculty members remained present in the sessions.