How management studies open to all streams- Commerce, Science & Arts

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Doing a management course helps an individual to kick start his/her career. A management course offers multiple advantages to an individual pursuing it. Starting from transforming the personality of an individual to developing a path for a sustainable career, MBA definitely aids an individual in creating a career path. In order to fit well in the competitive business world in the present era, it is crucial to prepare and develop yourself. MBA does facilitate an aspiring manager for preparation on the same grounds. From developing a strong professional network to landing into a sustainable career or being your own boss, MBA aids in all the facets. Management courses are open to students from all the streams including Commerce, Science, and Arts.

Since the students learn about the domain, they have opted for during the graduation level, at the post-graduate level in management courses students develop holistically. The students develop managerial skills which is a pre-requisite at the corporations. In order to develop the managerial skills of students who have pursued Commerce, Science or Arts an orientation program is organized by almost all the premier B-Schools, an orientation programme helps all the students to land on the same page.

Programmes like such facilitate building the aptitude skills, human values, critical thinking ability, problem-solving skills, analytical skills, and communication skills of the students which are required in enhancing the employability of management graduates. Other than this there are certain reasons due to which the students pursuing Arts, Commerce and Science should pursue MBA:

For a holistic development:

The corporate is today looking for an individual who is holistically developed, management education supports the development of an individual holistically. Starting from the domain-specific knowledge of the student including Marketing, Finance, HR, Operations, International Business, and Information Technology to the human values and professional ethics that are very important for a manager are taken care of in a management course.

MBA is an interdisciplinary programme:

MBA is an interdisciplinary programme; a student pursuing MBA will learn about various specializations. During the first and the second semester, the university curriculum allows the management graduate to learn about all the domains including Finance, Marketing, IB, IT, Operations, Human resources, and analytics as well. This allows a student to learn and further choose a specialization as per his/her interest. Thus, a student gets a fair chance to understand the concepts related to various domains and further choose which subject he/she likes to learn in-depth, that domain can be taken as the specialization.

MBA follows a skill-based pedagogy :

Management education follows a skill-based pedagogy, it facilitates the students in gathering the knowledge from the classroom and further implementing the gathered ideas and knowledge in the real workplaces. MBA facilitates the management graduates with multiple live projects, internships, and industry exposure that help the students in strengthening the concepts learned by implementing them on a real-time basis.

MBA aids in learning life skills:

Management not only helps in understanding the domain opted for but also provides life skills to the students. These life skills help in procuring an entry-level position and further a sustainable career. Life skills including resilience, communication skills, analytical, creative thinking, empathy, coping with stress, and building healthy relationships with others are effectively delivered in the MBA program through activity-based modules. These modules are extremely important for all students.

Thus, the students, who are choosing MBA are definitely making the right decision for holistic development and a sustainable career.