Guest lecture on Managing Operation in Unprecedented times by Era Prashar, Senior Analyst, Deloitte

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Topic:  Managing Operation in Unprecedented times

Speaker: Era Prashar, Senior Analyst, Deloitte

A guest lecture on “Managing operation in unprecedented times” was organized on 6th June, 2022 for first year students of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Ghaziabad. The session was taken by Era Prashar, Senior analyst , Deloitte.

Dr. Givind Nath Srivastava along with Dr. Ajay  Tripathi welcomed the guest and appreciated the topic keeping in mind global downturn and financial breakdown. Ms  Era Prashar in her opining remark pointed out that thought process need to be changed and we need to manage the operation differently as conventional  strategy will not work in  unprecedented times. While discussing about practical aspects of the business, she stressed on the strategies used by Deloitte for managing the operation during the difficult times. The session was enjoyable and interactive as she brought significant insight about NFC ( Near field communication),  smart card to mitigate the risk associated with Covid-19.  The vote of thanks was proposed by class representative Kajal Agarwal.