Guest Lecture on “Intellectual Property Management in Academia for Entrepreneurship”

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Institution Innovation Council (IIC) at Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indirapuram organized a guest lecture on the topic “Intellectual Property Management in Academia for Entrepreneurship” on 25th January, 2022. The session was conducted on Zoom platform. Dr Bijay Kumar Sahu, Regional Manager & Head, IPFC, TISC, NRDC was the speaker of the session. Dr Sahu gave a brief introduction on Intellectual Property Rights and its significance in today’s scenario. Drawing a wonderful parallel between industry and academia, he insisted that these two sectors should work together for bringing a better result in terms of patent, copyrights, trademarks. He personified industry with Goddess Laxmi and academia with Goddess Sarashwati and insisted on their collaboration. He discussed on the status of patent application in India at length. He highlighted the fact that in spite of rich resources in our country we are still way back while it comes to patent as compared to other countries like China, US. While focusing on the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship, he motivated students to come up with creative and innovative ideas. Dr Sahu’s valuable inputs created a great impact on the entire audience. Students learnt how IPR provides total control over a new innovation and its creator. There was a question answer session towards the end of the lecture. Students were encouraged to discuss their queries related to IPR, patent, copyrights. The session was highly informative and effective for the students and faculty as well. While the speaker and the audience got a warm welcome by Ms Aviska Pundhir, student of First Year, MBA, Dr Devi Archana Mohanty proposed vote of thanks to the speaker. All students of MBA and MBA(Business Analytics) and faculty members remained present in the session.