Five days workshop SQL Basic to Intermediate level

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Jaipuria institute of Management, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad organized five days’ workshop on SQL (Beginner to intermediate) from 14-18 Feb 2022 for MBA (Business Analytics) students. Seeing the requirement of the industry, this workshop has been organized to prepare the students to meet the expectations of the industry. Data is the new oil and data capital is being considered as one of the prominent resources for all the organizations. Using the SQL queries, the students will be able to handle big data when they will be working on real-time data. The workshop was taken by Industry Trainer Bharti Singhal (Founder Edu4Sure). The resource person discussed the theoretical concepts used in SQL like databases, constraints, declaration of primary and foreign key on the first day. Next day, discussion started with creation of databases, tables and manipulation of the data frames with hands on exercises. After this, Ms. Singhal discussed the relationships between different tables in databases, SQL data types, SQL operators. The workshop finished with Data Manipulation Language Commands and Operations, Data Definition Language Commands and Operations Data Control Language Commands, SQL functions and SQL joins/views.