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Street Plays on “Andh Vishwas” and “Say No to Drugs”

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Social issues refer to any undesirable evil custom which is opposed either by the whole or some part of the society due to its harmful effects. Many of us look out for ways on bringing out such social issues in the modern society and make people aware to avoid practicing it. In such endeavour, the students of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Ghaziabad, identified Street Play as one of the most powerful approach to pass their message to the masses and raise their voice against social evils.

Two groups of MBA students performed Street Plays on 1st March 2020 in busy places of Ghaziabad including residential societies and parks. The objective of motivating students to perform these role plays was to make them understand their civic responsibilities and their role in shaping the future of the nation. The two themes around which the role plays were performed were “Andh Vishwas” and “Say No to Drugs”.

The street plays were witnesses by people of different age groups and beliefs. The social menace highlighted by the students were appreciated by all and many of them applauded the attempt of the institute in motivating students to participate in such activities on non-working days. The students were full of enthusiasm after such overwhelming response and they plan to carry out such awareness drives in the near future too. Though the concept of Street Play evolved in early 20th century as a tool of emancipation, but it has been widely adopted till today by a large number of students as a medium to communicate their views and increase awareness among the masses.