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Everyone has expectations with their future, that it should be brighter than ever, having a big car, big house, big rings, a great bank balance, and many more. But did you ever ask yourself, Are you really skilled enough to attain your dreams? Are you really going to achieve what you are dreaming of day and night? Am I doing enough for myself? If your mind screams a big NO, then you must have a glance at these following vital skills that one should have in himself/herself before you turn thirty, these are:

  1. Coping with Uncertainty: Difficult or worst or unusual times never come informing you before, it can come in your next two seconds, who knows? So rather running away from those uncertainties or difficulties, you should prepare yourself to deal with these situations. It could be related to finance, your health, your family, any crisis or anything. You should learn to deal with these unfavorable conditions of your life at any point of time. Remember that nothing is certain but the only thing that is certain is that the way you respond to uncertainty.
  2. Graceful Communication: We all communicate. Everyone of us communicate in some certain way. We convey the message to each other is communication but the way we communicate is the matter. People use bad words, they use profane language to each other which could be hurtful and disrespectful to the person. It’s not only communicating but to communicate with grace is what matters to the person to whom you’re conveying your message. This shows your civility and how decent you are. So don’t be hostile and always have a decent conversation with others.
  3. Respecting Others: Respecting others, the others who has the divergent opinion from yours, who has diverse view. Respecting your unlike always makes you learn more, respect more and understand more. Learn to respect everyone, every gender identity, every skin color, every opinion, every voice, etc and you’ll find yourself a different and better person.
  4. Learn To Ask For Help: We are not trained to ask. We are not here to seek help, but to learn to ask for help. Try to ask, say it, I don’t know. Nobody is going to judge you, as you’re already at the stage of learning. Asking others for help can be one of the pillars in having a good communication and building up a good relationship.
  5. Being Resilient: Being resilient is like not giving up, and to take risks. Being resilient makes you take decisions which have some risk. Don’t be scared of taking risks, it might sometimes pull you to the ground but not always, some risks takes you to the sky of success. Resilient people don’t give up they just stay on; they have the courage to take every responsibility. It is one of the major skills one must have to try on success, so learn it.
  6. Management: Learn to spend your time and money carefully; learn to value them as they are the most important assets of one’s life. Spending money and time carelessly will lead you to your life disaster. What if you don’t have your own house? What if you don’t have your life insurance? What if you don’t have the time to settle things out? Then it will go to haunt you. Everything will flow down like so easily and you’ll be having nothing to do at that point of time. So start valuing things start how to manage things properly which involve respect and planning. Be careful while having your next step. Think before what you do, analyze things and their consequences.
  7. Learning to Cook: The most important skill a person should have. Time can take you anywhere, where you cannot be dependent on any other person to cook for you, to make one time meal for you. Cooking would be a pillar of your daily life if you know how to do it. It will help you to feed yourself with good food, it will make your bonds strong and will help you to survive anywhere. An individual must learn this skill, is to cook.

So these are some parameters of skills an individual should know before turning to thirty. Learning these within time or enhancing it, will lead you to great success and help in hiking you more in every aspect. Hope these skills will help you in making your career blissful and also in your personal enhancement.

Roli Sharma

I Sem

MBA Batch 2019-21