Design Thinking and Innovation Club – Change by Design. An Innovation and Creativity Showcase!

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Infusing design thinking at every level of organization, product or service to provide new alternatives for business and society. An Innovation and Creativity Showcase by Dr. Nidhi Mathur & Dr. Maani Dutt.
It was a team event where each participating team identified product/service of their choice and applied design thinking in improving the customer experience through creativity and innovation. The teams represented their idea through a PowerPoint Presentation. There were five participating teams, each having 3-4 members.
Each team came up with new ideas from providing domestic help, automobile company failure, service sector problems. Team portrayed problem solving by fostering innovation and team work, competitive advantage. Three teams were declared as winners and were given awards. Certificates were given to all the participating teams and students coordinators.
The platform gave the students an initial kickstart to enhance their knowledge, creativity and presentation skills.