DAY 3: Faculty Development Program on on Qualitative Research Tools & Techniques

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Dr. Shilpi Jain, Professor of Business Administration in the Information Technology Department at FORE School of Management, and the faculty chair of Purchase Committee was the resource person for the third day of FDP on Qualitative Research Tools and Techniques. The first session was initiated with a formal discussion on the aspiration and challenges faced by the FDP Participants. Post tea break session was focused on Qualitative Data Analysis, where Dr. Shilpi discussed the process of examining and interpreting qualitative data to understand what it represents, types of QDA. She briefed on how to gather, refine and analyze and further code the data on the basis of inductive or deductive approaches. Participants were given hands-on experience on analysis, which strengthened their conceptual base. The third session was taken forward by Dr. Shilpi, where she highlighted the relevance of Meta – Analysis in Qualitative research. The concluding session of the third day of FDP was on Social Media Analysis, where the resource person explained the content and asked the participants to open twitter, demonstrating how Ncapture, an extension of NVIVO is used to analyze the tweets.