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where_we_areCapt. Anny Divya, the youngest woman in the world to fly Boeing 777, emphasizes how the strength of a silent promise to oneself and passion to touch the infinite, propels the destiny to decide in one’s favour. Here she talking about daring to dream, a dreamt of unknown, something we don’t know about or can’t even see. This moving talk will teach you how to achieve your childhood dreams with dogged determination. As a child she understood that what she want to be matters rather than how she want to be. Capt. Anny Divya is the world’s youngest woman commander to captain a Boeing 777. Her flight to victory vignettes her extraordinary life. Surrounded by sceptics and challenged by modest resources, Capt. Anny Divya achieved her childhood dream of becoming a pilot at 19 years of age. She made history finding the power within and made the world sit up and take notice of her exemplary courage, grit and resilience. A winner and a conqueror, she is an inimitable woman of substance. At the end Captain Anny Divya mentioned;

The fire which is burning at the pouring water, is not worried about the wits have no words for the people who trying to blowing it off, forgetting they are blowing it up…

Dare to dream

Believe in it

Live it

Rancy Kashyap

I Sem

MBA Batch 2019-21