Industry 4.0 indicates a new Industrial Revolution amalgamation of advanced production and operations techniques with smart digital technologies to create an organization that would not only be interconnected and autonomous but could communicate, analyze, and use data for intelligent responses in real world. It changes the ways in which smart technologies would become embedded within organizations, people, and assets. Industry 4.0 is marked by the emergence of technologies such as robotics, analytics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, wearables and Internet of Things. Industry 4.0 is leading in a reality that may alter the rules of production, operations, workforce and even society. The digitization of business operations, manufacturing, supply chain networks, and products drives companies to combine insights taken from humans, machines, analytics and predictive insights to make better decisions.

Industry 4.0 signifies a major shift not only in how companies would operate and goods would be produced, but how entire ecosystems like the suppliers, customers, regulatory authorities, investors, and other third-party experts would function and interact. Digital and physical technologies that encompass Industry 4.0 make it possible to access real-time information and insights throughout an organization to drive better decision making capabilities. Industry 4.0 is a very broad domain. At the same time, Industry 4.0 has become a new theme for management scholars and business economics disciplines and a number of contributions focusing various issues and aspects. However, an organized and systematic formulation is still lacking in management literature.

Therefore, the aim of this conference is to get views from both business and academia on the topic of Industry 4.0: Global Transformational Changes in Business & Management. We hope this conference would establish a milestone in understanding global transformational changes in business & Management driven by Industry 4.0.



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