Education 4.0:Empower, Enthuse and Excel

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The new education policy draft focuses on developing the new education ecosystem in the country is coined as Education 4.0. The New Education policy draft is establishing a blueprint for life-long learning initiating from childhood schooling to continuous learning in the workplace for illuminating minds to play a better role in the society.

The vision of Education 4.0 is to up-skill and re-skill students according to the changing industry demands. These days management education is changing rapidly due to the disruptive changes in the industry. The far more disruptive change is gaining momentum, which goes beyond just technological advances and rather it is driving the change in the education ecosystem. The need in the Education 4.0 is to enable new possibilities where human and technology are aligned to meet disruptive changes of industry.

Education 4.0 redefines the whole management education eco-system in the country .The new management ecosystem intends to provide and develop the capabilities of the young generation by raising their level of competence and intellect to face various challenges in the global environment. In pursuit of excellence, the Model of Education 4.0 focuses on personalised learning, student centric activities, learning from anywhere anytime, data interpretation and skill development of the students. The use of technology in education is ushered in Education 4.0. primarily categorized by digitisation, automation, artificial Intelligence, cloud computing, robotics and design thinking.

Education 4.0 empowers the students to structure their individual path keeping in mind the final outcome. Education 4.0 is based on competency based learning models that will transform the whole education ecosystem. The onus of learning will shift from traditional instructor led model to student led model. Learning will build around the students as to where and how to learn and track their performance through data based customisation.

Learning that can take place from anywhere anytime. E-learning tools offer great opportunities for remote and self placed learning. Flipped classroom approach also helps in building student’s skills. Demand for MOOCS and NPTEL courses will be the primary driving force of management education. Blending the emerging technologies in teaching pedagogy also makes it more studentscentric like social media, cloud computing mobile analytics etc.

Students will be exposed to more hands on learning through field experience such as internships, CSR projects thus making more rooms for the students to Up-skill and Re-skill themselves. Students are exposed to corporate mentorship and faculty mentorship for their learning process.

Education 4.0 model shifts the major learning responsibilities from the instructor to the learners. The use of technology in the learning process transforms the teaching methods and learning process.

The drivers of education 4.0 focus on the student’s employability rather than on employment. The new educational ecosystem will play a pivotal role in the coming time. The stakeholders must welcome the Education 4.0 and ensure the success of the same. Several initiatives are taken up by the Central and State regulatory to adopt the Education 4.0 for a much better learning in times to come.

Dr Ashwani Varshney
Dean (Students Welfare)
Jaipuria Institute of Management, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad