With the growing need of corporate, JIM has started paying special focus on English Speaking & training by introducing WORDS WORTH English Communication Language Lab which will provide an efficient hold on English Language.

Words worth is a very effective software used at JIM to focus intricately upon the phonetics and pronunciation of a student and helping the student to speak free from the errors.

  • Article speaking Session
  • Noun speaking Session
  • Phonetics Vowel Sounds
  • Phonetics Consonant Sounds
  • Pronunciation Vowel Sounds
  • Pronunciation Consonant Sounds
  • MTI and Region Specific Errors
  • Word Stress
  • Word Intonation
  • Word Modulation
  • Word Amalgamation
  • Vocabulary Based Exercises
  • Word Focus
  • Mixed Vowel and Consonant Exercise
  • Syllable Stress

Personality Development Module focuses on making a student ‘CORPORATE READY’. The module has simplified components focusing on the development of personality as well as communication skills:

  • Tell me something about yourself- The Self Introduction.
  • PI Questions to be prepared after self-introduction.
  • Just A Minute- Extempore
  • Skit Making
  • News Analysis
  • Roleplay on Abstract and Marketing topics
  • Group Discussion on the latest topics
  • Experience sharing
  • Advertisement making
  • My First Venture
  • Indianism and Region Specific Errors
  • Resume writing session
  • Body Language Sessions
  • PI Sessions
  • Head to Toe Assessment

Student’s Feedback