Teaching Pedagogy

Participative Approach to Learning

Jaipuria Institute of Management Delhi/NCR provides a dynamic environment of interactive and participative learning. Students are encouraged to participate in class room discussions not only with faculty but also discussion amongst themselves. Students are enriched with knowledge not only through lectures, but also by way of assignments, live projects and individual research done in various sphere.

Case Study Method

The case study method is another practical approach of having exposure of managerial decision making and dealing with industrial nitty-gritty. Students are expected to interpret complex data and determine the best course of action to overcome on organizational issue. A case study method enables students to refine their analytical skills, decision making and strengthen their ability to work in a complex business environment.

Assignments, presentations, live and simulated projects, with periodic evaluations Motivate students, helping them to improve their own methodological abilities, becoming less trainer dependent, as well as reducing the trainer’s direct participation in the learning process.

Live projects

At Jaipuria students are exposed to various situational and functional live projects form the corporate world. These projects provide an invaluable opportunity for the students to be exposed to organizations with complex management issues.

Summer internships with the Institute’s corporate partners

Stimulate professional action skills learning through the implementation of “real-world” tasks and exercises under guidance of corporate mentors and institute faculty.