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Note: We shall take all precautions for the safety of your child.

Rules for the use of Bus

  • Bus charges to be paid for every quarter in advance and is inclusive of all vacations.
  • No rebate is allowed for the days / period for which the bus is not availed by the ward.
  • Bus will pick up the ward from a pre-determined bus stop and drop him back at the same point which may not be necessarily in front of the ward’s residence.
  • He / She is expected to be present at the Bus Stop 5 minutes before the given time. Bus will not wait for late arrival of the ward.
  • Bus Notice fee of one month will be charged if a student decides to discontinue the bus facility. The application for discontinuation of bus should reach office by 10th of the every quarter, otherwise full quarter will be charged..
  • Any damage caused by the ward to the school bus shall be paid by the guardian / parent
  • Bus facility cannot be allotted for one month. Minimum period for allotment of bus is six months.
  • Bus facility will not be provided again, if left before summer / winter vacations.
  • For any change in bus route due to change of residence / Bus Stop, prior information is necessary and bus application form must be filled again. (Change of bus route is subject to availability of seat in that route).
  • The ward has to maintain the decorum and obey the Teacher in-charge / Driver / Conductor of the bus.
  • Rules are subject to change and parents will be informed for the same.
  • The school has the right to withdraw the allotted facility at any time for non-compliance of rules. No claim for refund of money will be entertained for the unveiled period. Bus facility cannot be claimed as a matter of right.
  • All our buses are equipped with GPS for better tracking.
  • I have read the above rules and these are acceptable to me.
    • April & May (No bus fee will be charged for the month of June).
    • July, August & September
    • October, November & December
    • January, February & March


* No parent is allowed to board the bus to safeguard the safety & security of the children.
* Parents are strictly advised not to send their wards by private vehicles other than school buses.