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“Let your smile change the world
But don’t let the world change your smile”

On completion of 1 year of the new Pre-primary wing, we celebrated happiness week from 10th July to 14th July 2017. The week included fun and exciting activities for each day with the motive to spread positivity and happiness. The children were given worksheets on happiness on the first day, where they shared their views about things which make them happy. Day2 was celebrated as Principal’s appreciation day, where kids had put up a small presentation and planned an interactive session with Principal Director Ma’am. She was overwhelmed with happiness after hearing to our enthusiastic tiny tots. After the program, cake cutting was done by ma’am and toffees were distributed to the children. The entire Pre-primary wing was decorated with smilies, balloons, appreciation thoughts and quotations. To bring in more happiness and laughter the third day was followed by a puppet show. The fun and frolic activity for the fourth day was a yummy Ice-cream treat which was thoroughly relished and enjoyed by them. The happiness week concluded with a class party where the little ones bought smilies and mouth watering party food and shared it amongst themselves.


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