Letter for Parents

Affiliation No:- 2130741 | Affiliated upto 31.03.2026 | School Code:- 60334 | Affiliated till Senior Secondary

Jaipuria Staff

When one looks back with appreciation at the brilliant teachers, he reminisces with gratitude about those who touched his human feelings. Any curriculum is just a necessary raw material, the personalized warmth lent by a teacher is the vital element for a growing human mind and soul of the child. The staff of Jaipuria is its strength. Filled with the objective to impart holistic education to every learner who steps into the school precincts, the teachers, guided by the ethos and vision of the organization, facilitate learning with expertise, empathy and earnestness. They are an amalgamation of a friendly chaperon and a valuable philosopher who essentially shape unique, responsible and worthy future citizens. Enthusiastic dynamic teachers who are abreast with the changing global scenarios are integral for fostering skills useful for a challenging and unchartered future. Students who receive positive influence from a teacher show stronger self-confidence and greater personal and academic success than those without much teacher interactions. The classrooms, which are learning and innovation centres are equipped with latest teaching aids to help the teacher to indulge in, and evolve her teaching strategies to achieve maximum interaction.

The zealous teachers of the school are continually acquainted with the dynamic educational needs and skills, of the 21st century through workshops which are held at regular intervals by inviting experts from CBSE and the education industry. The school understands the important role played by the teachers and hence, their efforts are commended and appreciated at every opportunity; since, happy teachers will transform ordinary students into happy learners.

The success of the students in life and academics, stands testimony to the quality and dedication of the teachers of the school.



As a founder member of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Vasundhara, Ms. Manju Rana took charge as the Vice Principal in 2004. A reservoir of vibrant dynamism, she infused a new verve and vitality into the school and in the year 2009, she took the reins in her hands as the Principal, to propel the school towards greater zeniths. Her dynamic leadership has led the school to achieve superlative success, that presently her school has given 5 National Toppers in CBSE Board Examinations for two consecutive years viz. 2017 & 2018 and positioned the institution among the top leading schools in Delhi/NCR and UP. As an avid CBSE master trainer, mentor and City Coordinator, she shoulders the responsibility of monitoring many other schools with aplomb. Her zeal & meticulous planning regarding the implementation of CCE has been much admired. She has been associated with CBSE in terms of moderating and curriculum planning and providing subject expertise for board papers at various levels and is currently the Joint Secretary of Sahodaya School Complex, Ghaziabad Zone. She holds a position of repute and is also a member of diverse Educational bodies in Delhi/NCR. She has been conferred with the prestigious President’s Award to Teachers-2019, for her academic endeavours.


An educationist and leader Ms. V. Suprabha, has over 27 years of experience. Equipped with an MA, M.Phil. and a B.Ed. degree, she has worked in several schools of repute to usher in innovative and novel changes in teaching pedagogies. Although a new addition to the Jaipuria family, she has played an integral part in supervising and guiding all the significant events held at the school, always lending a touch of positivity and passion.


As the founder member of the institution, Ms. Indu Kohli has contributed immensely for the growth and development of the school. Her powerful ethics of care and responsibility to her students, in addition to, innovative creation of learning environments has led her a long way from the Pre-Primary Coordinator to the HM of the school today. She always goes an ‘extra mile’ towards contributing and supporting in the administrative matters, designing of the curriculum of the primary wing and assisting in crafting pedagogies that require innovation and intervention.
A prime member of the school management committee, Ms. Kohli shoulders varied responsibilities with ease.


Ms. Sonal Srivastava, a dedicated and innovative Science Teacher is a combination of energy, enthusiasm, and self-discipline. Progressing in the institution from a mentor to presently the Head Mistress of the Senior Section, (VI-X), she has played a vital role in systemizing innovative teaching pedagogies.
Ms. Srivastava has been serving the institution for more than a decade. She is noted for her strong command on her subject (Chemistry). She makes students feel valued and helps them develop the passion for learning that she herself brings to the classroom. Her professional, collaborative and result oriented pursuit helps in managing events in the middle wing and have also resulted in her receiving numerous accolades as Best Teachers Award in both International & National category by SOF on multiple occasions. She has also received the Award for Best Innovative Teacher in Science by ICIC as well as was adjudged among Top 5 mentors in Uttarakhand by Unified Council.

S.No. Name Education
1 Ms. Shalini Nambiar B.A. (Hons), B.Ed., Diploma in Travel & Tourism, B.Ed., Qualified IBDP
S.No. Name Education
1 Ms. V. Suprabha M.A., B.Ed., M.Ed, M.Phil., UGC NET
S.No. Name Education
1 Ms. Indu Kohli M.A., N.T.T
2 Ms. Sonal Srivastava (Middle School) M.Sc., B.Ed.
S.No. Name Education
1 Ms. Madhavi Goswami M.Sc., B.Ed., CTET, Diploma in French
S.No. Name Education
1 Mr. Sahhil Sethi MBA HR (Admin)
S.No. Name Education
1 Ms. Kabila Rawat (Pre- Primary) B.A., N.T.T
2 Ms. Rahi Ghosh (I to-II) B.Com, N.T.T, B.Ed.
3 Ms. Kumud Sharma (III & V) M.A., B.Ed., CTET
4 Ms. Shuchi Rawat (VI to VIII) B.Sc., B.Ed., CTET
5 Ms. Kanta Bhattacharya (IX & X) M.A.,B.Ed., CTET
6 Ms. Sarita Khokhar (XI & XII) M.Sc.,  B.Ed
S.No. Name Education
1 Ms. Seema Singh (Nursery) M.A., N.T.T., ECCE
2 Ms. Shalini Sharma (Prep) M.A., N.T.T.,E.C.C.E.
3 Ms. Rekha Singh (I) B.Sc., B.Ed., UPTET, CTET
4 Ms. Parul Gupta (II) M.A.,B.Ed
5 Ms. Neelu Kapoor (III) M.A., B.Ed
6 Ms. Chitra Singh (IV) M.A. B.Ed.
7 Ms. Jyoti Singh (V) B.A., MBA, B.Ed.
8 Ms. Mala Majumdar (VI) B.A., N.T.T, B.Ed
9 Ms. Harveen Kaur (VII) Pursuing M.A. , B. Ed.
10 Ms. Deepika Upadhyay (VIII) B.Com., B.Ed., PGDBM, GNITT
11 Ms. Rashmi Rai (IX) M.Sc. , B.Ed., CTET
12 Ms. Ekta Bhardwaj (X) M.Sc., B.Ed.,CTET
13 Ms. Asmita Tripathi (XI) & (XII) M.A., Ph.D.
S.No. Name Education
1 Ms. Monica Sharma M.A.,  M.B.A.,  B.Ed
2 Ms. Sharmistha Kundu M.A., N.T.T. E.C.C.E
3 Ms. Parul Sudhir B.Sc., N.T.T. B.Ed
4 Ms. Geetanjali Dwivedi M.A., N.T.T.
5 Ms. Vandana Chaturvedi B.A., N.T.T
6 Ms. Shelly Bhardwaj B.Com, N.T.T.
7 Ms. Smita Srivastava B.SC, PGDBM, N.T.T
8 Ms. Garima Shukla B.Sc., MBA,  N.T.T
9 Ms. Snehlata Verma M.Sc., N.T.T, B.Ed.
10 Ms. Nimisha Srivastava B.A.,N.T.T
11 Ms. Seema Bhutani B.A., N.T.T, DCPM
12 Ms. Bhavna Agarwal M.A., N.T.T, PGDCA
13 Ms. Preeti Singhal M.A., N.T.T
14 Ms. Priyanka Dangwal B.Com, N.T.T, B.Ed.
S.No. Name Education
1 Ms. Rupali Singh B.Com, NTT, PGDIT
2 Ms. Saman Mahtab B.A.,B.Ed ,NPTT
3 Ms. Purnima Nagar B.Com, B.Ed., CTET
4 Ms. Shilpi Agarwal M.A., B.Ed.
5 Ms. Nitika Mehrotra Diploma in Management, PTT
6 Ms. Taruna Malhotra B.Com., NTT
7 Ms. Meenakshi Choudhary M.A.,NPPT
8 Ms. Anubha Dusad B.COM., NTT, PTT
9 Chhaya Kundrai B.A., B.LIB., NTT
10 Charu Bisht B.COM., B1 Level
S.No. Name Education
1 Ms. Pooja Chawla B.Com, N.T.T., P.T.T
S.No. Name Education
1 Ms. Kalpana Kaushal B.A., MBA, B.Ed
S.No. Name Education
1 Ms. Gunjan Tripathi M.A., B.Ed.,
2 Ms. Mamta Upreti M.Sc., B.Ed.
3 Ms. Rekha Singh (I) B.Sc., B.Ed., UPTET, CTET
4 Ms. Rajni Angral M.A, B.Ed. UPTET, CTET
5 Ms. Joyeeta Chatterjee B. Sc.
6 Ms. Ruma Mukherjee M.COM , B.Ed., CTET
7 Ms. Reena Agarwal B.Com , B.Ed.
8 Ms. Parul M. Malhotra M.A. ,NTT,  B.Ed.
9 Ms. Manisha Goswami M.A. , B.Ed.
10 Ms. Hema Mehra B.A.,B.Ed CTET
11 Ms. Bhawna Sharma M.A. , B.Ed.
12 Ms. Parul Gupta M.A.,B.Ed
13 Ms. Sarita Sharma M.Sc., B.Ed.
14 Ms. Ruchika Chaturvedi M. A., B.B.A, B.Ed., CTET
15 Ms. Shimpi Malik B.Com, N.T.T, B.Ed.
16 Ms. Neelam Bisht M.A., B.Ed., B.LIB ISC
17 Ms. Preeti Kondal M.A.,B.Ed
18 Ms. Neelu Kapoor M.A., B.Ed
19 Ms. Geetali Saini M.Sc., B.Ed.
20 Ms. Kanika Arora M.A., B.Ed
21 Ms. Madhumita Gupta M.Sc., B.Ed.
22 Ms. Roopkamal Saxena M.A., B.Ed
23 Ms. Pushpanjali Yadav M.Com., B.Ed., UPTET
24 Ms. Nitika Sinha B.Sc.  LLB.  B.Ed
25 Ms. Sonal Singhal M.A., B.Ed., M.Ed.
26 Ms. Rachna Ganjoo M.A., B.Ed,PGTTE
27 Ms. Shubha Sinha B.Sc., N.T.T, B.Ed.
28 Ms. Snigdha Sharma M.A., NTT
29 Ms. Priyanka Nigam B.Sc. BEd., MBA
30 Ms. Sushma B.Sc., M.A., B.Ed
31 Ms. Deepti M.A.,B.Ed, M.Ed
32 Ms. Pratibha Sharma M.Sc,B.Ed, CTET
33 Ms. Surabhi Chauhan M.Sc., B.Ed
34 Ms. Saakshi Arora M.A., B.Ed,CTET
35 Ms. Meenakshi Arya M.A., NTT
36 Ms. Samragi Singh M.Sc,B.Ed
37 Ms. Shail Kaushik B.A., B.Ed
38 Ms. Priti Aggarwal B.Com(H), B.Ed.,M.Ed.,PGDBM
39 Ms. Mandira Mazumdar M.A., B.Ed
40 Ms. Shilpi Ranjan M.A., B.Ed,M.PHIL(HINDI)
41 Ms. Ansuya Tyagi M.A., B.Ed
42 Ms. Meenu Khurana B.Sc.,M.A., B.Ed., CTET, HTET
43 Ms. Latika Singh M.Sc. M.A., B.Ed., M.Ed, NET, CTET
44 Ms. Chitra Singh M. A. B. Ed.
45 Ms. Rubi Chaudhary B.A., N.T.T, B.Ed
46 Ms. Deepti Mayal B.A. B.Ed., CTET
47 Ms. Neha Sachedeva B.Com ,  B.Ed., MBA
48 Ms. Manisha Bhandari M.A., B.Ed.,PGDCPM
49 Ms. Suman Khandelwal M.A., B.Ed
50 Ms. Niva Sinha M.Com., B.Ed,CTET
51 Ms. Jyoti Singh B.A., MBA, B.Ed.
52 Ms. Neha Nair B.Com, B.Ed
53 Ms. Nisha Choudhary B.A., B.Ed,CTET,UPTET,HTET
54 Ms. Bindu Tuteja B.A., B.Ed
55 Ms. Puja Raj M.Com., B.Ed, CTET
56 Ms. Hina Pandey B.Sc., M.A., B.Ed.
57 Ms. Neha Goel M.Com . B.Ed.
58 Ms. Romita Datta M.A., B.Ed.
59 Ms. Renu Tomar BA, NTT, B.Ed.
60 Ms. Mitu Choudhary B.Com, B.Ed
61 Ms. Arpita Pahuja M.A., B.Ed.
62 Ms. Anita Pandey M.Sc. Maths, B.Ed., CTET
63 Ms. Deepa Tayal BCA, MCA
64 Ms. Pooja Dhawan BCA, MCA, ACE 1 & 2
65 Ms. Pratibha Bhati M.Com., B.Ed., ACE 1 & 2, MIE
66 Ms. Prerna Tyagi BCA, MCA, ACE 1 & 2
67 Ms. Raksha Ghildiyal B.Sc., MCA
68 Ms. Saloni Swarupa B.Sc., MA, B.Ed., CTET
69 Ms. Arti Gupta B.Com., MCA, B.Ed.
70 Ms. Reetika Wadhawan B.Com., M.A., B.Ed.
71 Ms. Swati Kalra B.Com., B.Ed., CTET
72 Ms. Sneha Verma B.A., M.A., B.Ed.
73 Ms. Deepika Garg B.A., N.T.T, B.Ed
74 Ms. Mansi Ohri B.Com, N.T.T,  B.Ed.
S.No. Name Education
1 Ms. Priya Mohan  (HOD) M.A., B.Ed
2 Ms. Sumita Vij M.A., B.Ed
3 Ms. Reema Sharma M.A., B.Ed., CTET
4 Ms. Poonam Joshi M.Com., M.A. B.Ed., CTET
5 Ms. Harveen Kaur Pursuing M.A. , B. Ed.
6 Ms. Punam Jha M.A.,B.Ed
7 Ms. Himani Mehta M.A., M.Com.,B.Ed CTET
8 Ms. Ridhi Bajaj B.Sc., MBA, B.Ed. UGC NET
9 Ms. Archana Tripathi M.A., M.Ed., CTET
10 Ms. Aanchal Sardana M.A. , B.Ed.,CTET
11 Ms. Heena Sharma B.A (Hons)., B.Ed
12 Ms. Parul Tyagi PGDJMC, M.A., B.Ed,
13 Ms. Reena Chaudhary B.Sc. (H) Statistics, M.Sc. , M.Phil,  B.Ed.,  CTET
14 Ms. Sakshi Singh Ph.D, M.Phil, M.A., Q.C.F.(U.K.)
15 Ms. Anusha Mathur B.A., M.A. Eng., B.Ed. CTET
S.No. Name Education
1 Ms. Pooja Nayyar  (HOD) M.Sc., B.Ed
2 Mr. Sanjay Raghav M.Sc., B.Ed., CTET
3 Ms. Divya Anuj M.Sc., B.Ed. CTET
4 Mr. Rishi Maheshwari M.A., MBA, B.Ed
5 Ms. Swati Sharma M.Sc., B.Ed., CTET
6 Ms. Swati Jain M.Sc., B.Ed. MCA, CTET
7 Mr. Arvind K. Sharma B.Sc. , B. Ed.
8 Mr. Neeraj Kumar B.Sc. , B. Ed. , CTET
9 Ms. Alka Rani M.Sc, M.A., B.Ed., CTET
10 Ms. Mala Majumdar B.A., N.T.T, B.Ed
11 Mr. Abhinav Marwaha B.Sc.,  MBA,B.Ed., CTET
12 Ms. Surbhi Gupta M. A., B.Ed., CTET
13 Ms. Priyanka Mahajan M.Sc., B.Ed. CTET
14 Ms. Sonika Aggarwal B.Sc., M.Sc., B.Ed., CTET
15 Ms. Shuchi Agrawal M.Sc. B.Ed., CTET, UPTET,GNIIT
16 Ms. Renu Aggarwal B.Sc.(H) Statistics, M.Sc. , M.Phil,  B.Ed.,  CTET
17 Ms. Shilpi Sharma B.Sc.,M.A., NTT,  B.Ed.,UPTET
S.No. Name Education
1 Ms. Sarita Khokhar  (HOD) M.Sc.,  B.Ed., PGDCA
2 Ms. Shuchi Rawat B.Sc., B.Ed., CTET
3 Ms. Richa Saxena M.Sc. B.Ed., M.Phil
4 Ms. Garima Jain M.Sc., B.Ed. CTET
5 Ms. Himanshi Jain M.Sc., B.Ed
6 Mr. Himanshu Sharma M.Sc., B.Ed.
7 Ms. Kimmey Sehrawat M.Sc. Chemistry, B.Ed.
8 Ms. Shuchi Choudhary B.Sc., M.Sc. Biotech. B.Ed., PGDBA
9 Ms. Deepshikha Garg B.Sc., M.Sc., B.Ed.
S.No. Name Education
1 Mr. Deepak Bhatnagar  (HOD) M.Sc., M.Phil, B.Ed.
2 Ms. Ekta Bharadwaj M.Sc., B.Ed.,CTET
3 Ms. Rashmi Rai M.Sc. , B.Ed., CTET
4 Mr. Aditya Mathur BTech. , B.Ed.
5 Ms. Ragini Srivastava M.Sc.,B.Ed., CTET
6 Ms. Aanchal M.Sc., B.Ed.
7 Ms. Priti Chaudhary B.Tech., B.Ed., M.A..Ed.
S.No. Name Education
1 Ms. Madhavi Goswami  (HOD) M.Sc., B.Ed., CTET, Diploma in French
2 Ms. Swati Trivedi M.Sc., Ph.D., B.Ed., CTET
3 Ms. Shilpa Singh B.Sc., B.Ed., Diploma in Textile Designing
4 Ms. Vandna Punj M.Sc., M.A.(Eng), B.Ed., CTET
5 Ms. Archana Gupta M.Sc., B.Ed.
6 Ms. Bhavana Sharma M.Sc., B.Ed., CTET
7 Ms. Srijita Chatterjee B.Sc., M.Sc. Biotech. B.Ed.
8 Ms. Kamini Sharma M.Sc. Biotech, B.Ed., CTET
S.No. Name Education
1 Ms. Archana Mishra  (HOD) M.A.,B.Ed, CTET
2 Ms. Anju Tyagi M.A., B.Ed.
3 Ms. Anuradha Negi M.A., B.Ed.
4 Ms. Rajani Pandey M.A., B.Ed., Journalism
5 Ms. Mamta Sharma M.A., B.Ed.
6 Ms. Poonam Kumar M.A., B.Ed., CTET
7 Dr. Ranjana Mishra M.A., Ph.D., B.Ed., UPTET
8 Ms. Neelam Sharma M.A. , B.Ed.
9 Ms. Gayatri Sharma M.A. B.Ed.,CTET, UPTET
10 Ms. Rajani Sharma M.A., B.Ed., CTET
11 Ms. Madhvi Upadhyay M.A., B.Ed
12 Ms. Preeti Singh M.A. , B.Ed., UPTET
13 Ms. Pooja Longani B.A., B.Ed.
S.No. Name Education
1 Ms. Sudeshana Bhattacharya  (HOD) M.A., B.Ed.
2 Ms. Manjari Sen Gupta M.A.,B.Ed. CTET
3 Ms. Anubha Jain M.A (Eng).,M.A.(Psychology), B.Ed,  CTET
4 Ms. Kanta Bhattacharya M.A.,B.Ed., CTET
5 Ms. Deepika Upadhayay B.Com., B.Ed., PGDBM, GNITT
6 Ms. Seema Sharma M.A.,B.Ed
7 Ms. Sriparna Bhattacharya M.A.,B.Ed., CTET
8 Ms. Sonia Saini MBA, B.Ed., CTET
9 Ms. Priti Tyagi M.A., B.Ed., CTET
10 Ms. Mukul Singh M.A., B.Ed.
11 Ms. Amita Singh M.A., B.Ed
12 Ms. Savita Gussain M.A., B.Ed
13 Ms. Manjari Chatterjee B.A., B.Ed
14 Mr. Krishan Ranjan B.A., M.A., B.Ed
S.No. Name Education
1 Ms. Chinmaya Chauhan M.A.,B.Ed., M.Phil., CTET
2 Dr. Vinita Saraswat B.SC, M.SC, M.A., B.Ed., M.Ed., Ph.D
S.No. Name Education
1 Ms. Deepa Sharma  (HOD) PGDCA, MCA
2 Ms. Vandana Rustagi MCA, PGDCA., B.Ed., CTET
3 Ms. Rachna Pattnaik B.A. , M.A. , Diploma In Computers
4 Ms. Shalini Sharma O Level , A Level , MCA
5 Ms. Mancy Agarwal BCA, PGDI
6 Ms. Lavisha BCA, MCA
7 Ms. Nity Lila BCA, MCA, pursuing B.Ed.
S.No. Name Education
1 Ms. Gursahiba Kaur B.Com., Adv. Diploma in French
2 Ms. Nidhi Pasricha B.Com., A1, A2, B1, level in French, DELF A2
3 Ms. Harshali B.A., B2 Level
S.No. Name Education
1 Ms. Ritika Pathak BRT, M.A ,CTET, Advance Diploma in German B1,B2.2,C1
S.No. Name Education
1 Ms. Sudeshna Bhattacharya M.A., B.Ed.
2 Ms. Meenu Chandok M. Phil.,CWA, M.Com., B.Ed.
3 Ms. Hema Joshi M.Com., B.Ed.
4 Ms. Asmita Tripathi M.A., Ph.D
5 Ms. Mamta Soni M.Com , B.Ed
S.No. Name Education
1 Ms. Anuradha Bhatia B.A., M.A., Pursuing B.Ed. & Ph.D.
S.No. Name Education
1 Ms. Varda Nagesh Kumar Jutta M.A.
S.No. Name Education
1 Ms. Yachna Kamboj B.A. B.Ed., M.Ed. Special Edu.
S.No. Name Education
1 Mr. Chandrasen (HOD) M.FA. IGD Mumbai. D. FA., CCA
2 Ms. Meenakshi Verma M.A. IGD Bombay
3 Mr. Shekhar Dhama B.FA., M.FA, Diploma in Photography, NIIT, Graphics
4 Ms. Manjari Agarwal BFA, MA
5 Ms. Sweta Aggarwal B.FA., DFA, IGD
6 Mr. Yogendra Nain B.FA.,M.F.A.
7 Ms. Rashmi Goel B.A., B.F.A.
8 Ms. Monu Sharma M.A., M.F.A., B.Ed.
S.No. Name Education
1 Mr. Shivkant Mishra  (HOD) M.A. Prabhakar
2 Mr. Virendra Verma B.Com. Sangeet Prabhakar
3 Mr. Kamlesh K. Anand B.A., M.A.( Music & Philosophy) Prabhakar in Vocal, Ph.d
4 Mr. Nitesh Kumar Singh B. Music , M.Music, Sangeet Vishard, Sangeet Bhaskar
5 Ms. Shilpi Gupta M.A., B.Ed.
6 Ms. Anshu Sharma BBA,MBA. NPTT, B.Ed., Prabhakar
7 Ms. Debamita Sen Maiti M. A. Music
S.No. Name Education
1 Ms. Priyanka Arora  (HOD) B.Com., P.D. in Kathak. NTT. Jr. Diploma in Tabla
2 Ms. Meghna Sharma M.A. Music & Education, Prabhakar – Kathak & Tabla
3 Ms. Sangeeta Gusain B.Com., B.A. in Bhartnatyam, Diploma in Spanish
4 Ms. Manpreet Kaur B.A. , M.A. , M.Phil.    Foundation in Chhau &Oddisi
S.No. Name Education
1 Ms. Archana Dangwal  (HOD) D. Lib. B.Lib., M.Lib.
2 Ms. Shweta Awasthi M.A., M.Lib., M. Phil
3 Ms. Indira Deoli B..A., B.Ed. ,  B.Lib., M.Lib.,
4 Ms. Sangeeta Rathore M.A., B.Lib., M.Lib.
5 Mr. Raj Tomar B.A., CLS, B.Lib., M. Lib.
6 Ms. Baisakhi Chakarvarti B.A./M.A./ B.Lib
S.No. Name Education
1 Mr. Rajeev Kumar  (HOD) B.P.Ed., M.P.Ed., M.Phil, M.A.(Edu), NDDY
2 Mr. Prashant Sharma P.G., MBA Sports Mgt., B.Ped., M.PEd.,
3 Ms. Nandini Rawat B.P.Ed., M.P.Ed.
4 Ms. Hema Sah B.A., B.P.Ed. M.P.Ed, NSNIS
5 Ms. Madhu Kaushik B.Sc., B.P.Ed. M.PEd
6 Mr. Prem Bahadur Mukhiya B.Sc., Karate Black Belt IV DAN
7 Mr. Pawan Kumar B.Sc., B.P.Ed.
8 Mr. Veer Bahadur Thapa B.Sc.(Phy. Ed.), B.P.Ed.
9 Mr. Neeraj Kumar B.A., B.P.Ed.
10 Mr. Nikhil Kumar B.Sc.(Phy. Ed.), B.P.Ed.
11 Mr. Ashish Sharma B.Sc.  Phy.Ed
12 Mr. Rajkumar B.A/ B.PEd
S.No. Name Education
1 Dr. R. N. Mathur Doctor
2 Dr. Rajyashree Singh M.A.
3 Mr. Vishnu Sharma B.Com., M.Com., Chess
4 Ms. Kavita Singh B.Sc., B.Ed.
5 Ms. Sushma Raman B.A.
6 Mr. Virendra Singh Dance Diploma