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Global Footprints – Crossing Boundaries

At Jaipuria, we provide our students with every germane acquaintance which helps, moulds and shapes them in a far-reaching way. They are the ones, getting exposed to all pitches and making themselves highly competitive and globalized. In today’s scenario where an individual has to be smart, knowledgeable, updated and reasonable, they get ample opportunities to excel in all the branches of education and knowledge. During the process of ISA, students were given a wide dimension to think globally. They are made to work in collaboration with other schools with varied cultural backgrounds of the students from the UK, France, USA, Ghana, Russia, Macedonia, Turkey, Pakistan, Netherlands, Egypt and Sri Lanka. Students from both the ends teamed up to work, thinking on the common platform and creating new universal dimensions. This year, the school has been re-accredited for the third time by the British Council International School Award (ISA) 2019-2021. The students shared many projects with countries abroad and pooled their work online. The school collaborated projects titled Delectable Delicacies, We Can Change the World, Rendezvous with Our Glorious Past, Festive Fiesta, Melodious Chimes, Figuring out with Mathematics and Deserts Biomes.

The school has also been lately associated with the United Nations and has become a UNGC member as well. We are now a UN school supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by involving pupils from all grades and levels to contribute their bit in various theme based projects and achieving the desired results. It aims to fulfill all the goals by teaming up with the United Nations as per the global timelines.

  • The school will actively collaborate with French Embassy, Swiss Embassy to further the procession of international projects amongst students of all age groups.
  • The school plans to have student exchange programs in the upcoming year with various countries from around the world.
  • The school will also be collaborating with the schools located in Finland, Romania, Russia, Georgia etc.

Countries the school has been actively collaborating with:









THEME: “2019: A World on the Margins”

“Draw the art you want to see, play the music you want to hear, write the books you want to read, build the products you want to use.” – Austin Kleon

The World Scholar’s Cup, a prestigious International Academic Tournament is designed to provide students an opportunity to compete at an International platform and showcase their skills and ability to excel at debating, quizzing- that involves a quiz show and a multiple choice test of knowledge across six subjects- Literature, Science, Social Studies, Arts, Special Areas and History along with collaborative essay writing.

The World Scholar’s Cup looks like a competition, but isn’t one at all. It’s a celebration of learning. Its aim is to attract students interested in learning beyond typical school curricula and to focus on bringing students from different cultures together to discuss issues and ideas relevant to today. It deals with serious global issues while making learning brim with fun and enthusiasm.

Capturing the world of debating with aplomb Jaipurians made their mark in World Scholar’s Cup Global Rounds held at Beijing, China from 21st- 26th June, 2019 which was the biggest Global round with more than 2700 students. It was a great experience as Shelly Dwivedi, Aaagya Rai and Riddhi Alok Puranik participated as a team in the event along with Ms. Sumita Vij as the coordinator and mentor.

The team showcased their debating and literary skills with great dexterity. Shelly Dwivedi class XII won the 15th Best Debater out of 2700 students and exhibited an exceptional performance. She also received a Trophy in individual and team events held at Beijing, Convention Centre. Aagya Rai of class XII and Riddhi Puranik class XI also won laurels in debating and writing. Overall the girls bagged 8 Gold and 7 Silver Medals . The students were among the shining stars in the top 50 teams in Team Debate and got exemplary results with a position in the top 400 teams in collaborative writing. Students went through four rounds of Team Debate, Collaborative Writing, Scholar’s Challenge, Scholar’s Bowl and Scholar’s Show with area specific themes such as Special Area – Unsolved Mysteries; History – Neglected Histories; Social Studies – On the Edge of Society; Science – Enabling Technologies; Art & Music – Louder than Words & Literature – Voices from the Margins. The World Scholar’s Cup indeed was a step forward in the holistic development of the students. It provided an opportunity to these young jaipurians to build dreams, to chart a path to expand the horizons for creating a better tomorrow.

With a phenomenal performance and tireless hard work, the efforts of the team outshone the others and the girls qualified for the Tournament of Champions that is to be held in Yale University, USA in the month of November and made their mark at the International Level.

Students Scaling International Dimensions

Seth Anandram Jaipuria School congratulates Pratham Gupta of class IX for being selected as the part of the Indian Delegation for the coveted AIM-SIRIUS Deep Technology Learning and Innovation Program for high school students at Sirius centre – Sochi, Russia. We wish him all the very best for his future endeavors.

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