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Affiliation No:- 2130741 | Affiliated upto 31.03.2026 | School Code:- 60334 | Affiliated till Senior Secondary

Exemplary ATL Teachers Of Change

Exemplary ATL Teachers Of Change

Niti Aayog recognized Madhavi Goswami from Seth Anandram Jaipuria School vasundhra Ghaziabad  as an ‘Exemplary ATL Teachers of Change’

ATL’s Teachers of Change are a unique group of change makers who have gone out of their way to create an environment of innovation for young students. They  have consistently engaged students and maintained an active ATL for tinkering and innovation to thrive. Niti Aayog Has honoured ‘Exemplary ATL Teachers of Change’ by publishing ‘THE ATL EXEMPLARY TEACHERS OF CHANGE’ BOOK to  recognize the  outstanding work done by them  for their students, the community and the ATL itself, consistently over a period of time.


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