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Citation Ceremony 2021- Reliving and Creating Memories – CLASS XII

Citation Ceremony 2021- Reliving and Creating Memories – CLASS XII

What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.”
The Citation Ceremony is a very significant day in every student’s life. It is conducted every year to acknowledge and commend the students, celebrate their innate talents and take pride in their achievements and accomplishments. Indeed, it is a much cherished and bittersweet moment for the students of the outgoing batch, the teachers and the parents. A virtual Citation Ceremony was organised from 13-16 April for the outgoing batch of 2020-21. The teachers read the citations of the students with great pride and delight, while the illustrious Principal cum Director of the school reminisced about the invaluable experiences that she had with the students. Parents and students joined in large numbers to make the occasion memorable and a few parents shared their experience, which made the occasion emotional and special.

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