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Exams are Refreshing !!!!

Exams are Refreshing !!!!

examsThe meaning of exams, to me vary for all. Some take it on a positive note while others may feel crest fallen due to the tension buzzing around. But for me, exams are an opportunity to explore, Improve and rejuvenate. Accompanied by the gleaming faces of our mentor’s, our academic journey progresses. Few moments before the exam are literally, spiritual ones. Recalling the Almighty with hands crossed to overcome the sins committed and recall all answers is a common sight. Then ,with the mighty Pen running, the mind recalls all, as we begin on this enthused journey that will stay enshrined in our minds for long The moment the bell rings and the paper done with deep satisfaction, my feelings are inexpressible but it’s very congruent to the winning of a war.

In later years this hard work bore the fruits but I shall reap. Here, I would like to take the opportunity of quoting the inspirational words of Malala Yusuf Zai – “One Pen, One book and one teacher can change the world “.

So here’s wishing all the Best of Luck.

Cheers !!!!

By – Priyansh Gupta (9G)

Children learn more from what you are than what you teach!



Being a parent is a huge responsibility. The child you nurtured so long will soon move ahead into the alluring world of knowledge. Every child is unique and this uniqueness is to be preserved. One must raise children with the belief of uniqueness in their hearts. Develop in him or her humanitarian values, a trait of the Homo sapiens.

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Parenting tips for Nursery Admission


In the early years, parents are their child’s first teachers exploring together nature, reading together, cooking together and counting together. When a young child begins formal school, the parents job is to show him how school can extend the learning they began together at home and how exciting and meaningful this learning can be. Let your child show you the way he/she likes to learn. Although a parent’s role in their children’s learning evolves as the kids grow, one thing remains constant.
We are our children’s learning models. Our attitudes about education can inspire theirs and show them how to take charge of their own educational journey.

Happy Days are here again!!!

Happy Days are here again!!!

It has been long when children have not seen their best pals due to summer break and have missed the fun of hanging and chatting with friends on the school campus. Joyous days are here again as school has reopened after the summer vacation.

We are all back with a springly zest and goal to achieve the best to our abilities.

July is here
And so is the rain
So welcome children
As the fun begins.
I hope vacation
Was real fun.
And that we are glad
School has begun!!!

for happy

ENO- Environment Online programme


“We have reached the target, a number that sounded very challenging for a voluntary grassroots network”. “I want to congratulate already all of those who have made their contribution. More important than the number of trees is the process itself: to involve young generation to plant trees together despite borders, religious or political situation. Trees are also planted for peace – with this deed we send a message of hope to more sustainable world.”
Mika Vanhanen
Founder, Director

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Congratulations to the entire faculty for excellent results


Thank you very much for your kind wishes for the school and students. These success stories are due to constant efforts of students, Teacher mentoring and Parent attention.

Very Well Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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