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In today’s constantly changing environment, developing life skills is of great significance for ‘birdy’ humans of all ages. The term ‘life skills’ signifies any skill or effective perfection which could bear fruits for you on real basis.

Since the need of LIFE SKILLS is established, thus it is clearly understandable that why it holds a great importance in developing an individual’s life. This is the reason schools have introduced a subject called ‘Moral science and Life skills’ so that moral teachings can be disseminated among today’s youth.

Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Ghaziabad aims at developing certain life-efficient skills which would help students understand this modern world. These include critical thinking, problem solving skills, collaboration among children- which emphasize moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic behaviour. The dramatic changes in global economies, and the transformation in technology, have caused a great impact on Education. Thus, students need some new life skills to deal with the changes that come along with it. Since we believe in developing our children for better future, on every Wednesday, we conduct a life skills session at school, for directing them how to cope up with difficult situations in life.

Moral Education will always hold a great place in an individual’s growth. It is the different life skills which make everyone unique. We as an institution believe that Moral Values need to be inculcated among all the age groups, not only primary but also senior secondary students, since a quote states, “Young minds are empty just as a plain white sheet, so whatever mark we leave, the impression remains forever”.

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