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Anoushka Chandra – CBSE Toppers

From Seth Anandram Jaipuria to Lady Shriram College, the journey has always been meaningful and ever cherishing. There are a lot of things­, memories, events which I shall treasure forever. Writing this piece in College Library, I recount how we were taught- ‘Don’t talk! Read your book only’, ‘Return your book on time.’ and many more rules embedded with values. For me, my school has been my second home. The red bricked building which has given me all it could.

Don’t look for Miracle, you are yourself a miracle.’- This is what Jaipuria School has taught me. I am unique, so are you. Knowing yourself is, indeed, a lifelong process but that journey began from the day I stepped in the premises of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Vasundhara, Ghaziabad. I was like a clay, could be molded in various beautiful ways and so did I. From being shy to confident and bold, from being apprehensive to fearless and to creative and passionate. All this has been engrained in my foundation as a person. My school has given all the opportunities and platforms where I could nurture and explore myself.

Principal Ma’am was with us since the inception of the school and is fondly connected with all her students. Her charismatic and ambitious personality has always been an inspiration for me. She gave me not only academic opportunities but also prospects which made me grow as a person. My teachers have been ever supportive throughout and had put in their every little effort to bring out the best in me. They are the ones who taught me what life is, how challenging it could be but it is on us how we take the challenges, resist them and persist through them all.

Most importantly what I have gained from my experiences is “If you can dream it, you can do it”. Securing All India Rank-2 was something I dreamt of and something I subconsciously worked for. Being a humanities student, we look for perspectives, analyzing, and looking things through different lens. All this was very much part of our class discussions, class teachings and one on one interaction with peers and teachers. Having a keen interest in debates, I have secured rank 1, 2, and 3 in various inter school events and gathered a lot of experience and information. And that’s what it has always been about – questioning, contesting, changing and most importantly learning from all we can. I think, knowledge is indeed an ocean and we are just on shore. That quest should be there and curiosity must persist at all times. School is the best start anyone can make and I’m grateful for each and everything which this place has given me for lifetime.

At the end, no matter how great a person becomes, it’s about how happy and humble we  become. I feel blessed for having being part of this journey with Jaipuria which has imparted knowledge in most joyous ways. I’ll always miss being part of it.

Anoushka Chandra

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