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Jaipurians Conferred with Top Honours

The journey of a thousand miles begin with one step and if that one step is driven by a firm resolve to reach the destination, nothing can stagger us. This is how the journey of Anoushka Chandraand Kshitij Anand, students of Seth Anadram Jaipuria School, saw its advent. Being the Second and the Third All India CBSE National Toppers Class XII- 2017-18, securing 498 & 497 out of 500, respectively, Anoushka and Kshitij have placed the school at a new pedestal of glory. Kshitij Anand has also brought laurels to the school by securing the First position all over India in Science stream.

With dreams twinkling in their eyes and heart brimming with zest for life, they entered the portals of Seth Anadram Jaipuria School. Each day in their school life seemed to be waiting for them with new ventures, novel avenues and formidable challenges,like it does for every learner in the school but not everyone is able to extract nectar of learning from the opportunities that come across in their life. Anoushka and Kshitij did it! Learning for them was not bound to the precincts of academics rather it extended its arms to co-curricular activities as well. Working with perfection and working diligently had become their attitude and therefore nothing less than ‘best’ would emerge from any task undertaken by them. Be it the colossal responsibility of a Head Girl, heading the peer education sessions, taking charge of mega events like Annual Day and Inter-school competitions, earnest preparation for Debate competitions, stunning the audience with her emphatic oratory skills or articulating her opinions in MUNs, Anoushka came through them with flying colours. Same is the success story of Kshitij. Who could have wondered, a child with analytical acumen, praised for his perspicacity could also be blessed with a musical aptitude and is adept at playing guitar?His directorial adroitness and script writing competence inspired awe among the audience during the farewell ceremony when the students cheered with glee and mirth at the witty and fascinating skit scripted and directed by Kshitij.

Anoushka and Kshitij, the polymaths of Seth Anadram Jaipuria school, believed in competing with their own selves rather than competing with others. They made sure that with each passing day they came out better – not just as students but also as good human beings. Pride makes an easy way into our mind with success but the burgeoning accolades and fame never swayed them from the path of modesty. With heads still bowed with humility and hearts still brimming with hopes and aspirations,Anoushka and Kshitij received felicitations and honours from the Honorable HRD Minister Mr. Prakash Javadekar, Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Shri. Adityanath Yogi and DM Ghaziabad Smt. Ritu Maheshwari. The Chairman, Seth Anandram Jaipuria Education Society, Shri Shishir Jaipuria acknowledged the meritorious Jaipurians with a cheque of rupees One Lakh each along with a Certificate of Honour. We wish them success and happiness in their future endeavours!




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