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A Positive Change

A Positive Change

World loves to Stereotype.
But we will remain of our type.
People affect us time to time.
But do they know that it is a heinous crime.
Females are desired to have long hairs,
Their skin must be clear and fair.

Males feel they are always correct,
And are born naturally perfect.
Boys cannot cry,
They ought not to be shy.
Girls love pink,
This is what people think.
Subjects are divided, students are not correctly guided.
Birth of a girl is a crime,
But boy’s birth is prestigious and prime. 

But some decided to change the world,
The situation will soon be turned.
These people must be saluted,
As they have the courage to uproot things that are polluted.
Let’s help them to remove stereotype,
And remove of our type.


Class VI-E
Seth Anandram Jaipuria School

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