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16th Virtual founders day

16th Virtual founders day

This year’s annual day was really unique as compared to all others as it took place virtually. I thought that the enthusiastic, warm and welcoming feeling might not be able to reach us through the screens but it seems that I was mistaken. The event started in a well-ordered,smooth manner and the chief guest Mr. Devdutt Patnaik spoke in an entrancing and effectively expressive form. As soon as the Vandana started, my whole body was moving to the rhythm. The dance was energizing and captivating. The orchestra on the other hand brought tears to my eyes. The song collection was beautiful and made me nostalgic about those school days, playing in the ground, laughing, and making memories. The musical ballet ‘ The Selfish Giant’ was simple, thoughtful, and entertaining. All the efforts made by the teachers, the staff and my fellow Jaipurians were clearly visible. I believe this year’s annual day was a great success and I felt even more proud to be a part of Jaipuria.

By Ananya Arora
Student of Class XI H

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