It is our experience at Jaipuria School of Business – Best PGDM College in Delhi that the exchange of intellectually stimulating ideas between business heads of the corporate world and the future managers is the best way to establish oneself in the current competitive market. The relationship between the corporate and the institute actually stabilizes and evolves with the continuous interaction between the students and the corporate world. Jaipuria School of Business- Top PGDM Colleges in Delhi provides learning opportunities to transform the dreamers of today into the leaders of tomorrow by providing the following options to the students:

Guest Lecture – It is a regular feature at Jaipuria School of Business that we invite Senior Executives from the corporate to interact with our students on how to get a practical perspective on the theoretical concepts learnt in the class.

Industrial Visit – We routinely conduct industrial visits as a part of our curriculum. It helps to bridge the gap between classroom and the real working world. The visit also provides first-hand knowledge about the organizational structures and modes of operation in different industries. After visiting industry, some set of question are given to the students, in order to assess their understanding from what they learnt. This after visit survey motivates the students to learn and ask more question related with their survey which is based on their learning outcomes.

Live Project – Live projects are the excellent opportunity for the students to assist managers in solving live business issues. For students these projects are an opportunity to showcase their skills in the related areas in real business scenarios. For participating organisations, it is an opportunity to evaluate and leverage the caliber and intellectual capital of the students.

Summer Internship Programme – For any PGDM student it is mandatory to go through a summer internship program for 6 – 8 weeks, which is a critical step in the process of enhancing one’s credentials, and landing for a full time job. The period of Summer Internship is between May & June of every year.

Final Placement – Finally the students go through a series of interviews and discussions with our major and regular recruiters before they make it through the gates of our institute.