Guest Talk on 27th July 2018 by Col. Amitabh Mishra on ‘Indian Army’

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The PGDM First-year students at Jaipuria School of Business (JSB) got an opportunity to attend a Guest Talk by Col. Amitabh Mishra on 27th July 2018 in the Dr Rajaram Jaipuria Hall of Inspiration, JSB. Col. Mishra retired from the Indian Army Education Corps last year. He was a commissioned officer in the Army Education Corps and has a distinguished career of 32 years with an excellent track record in different types of training environment and training academies both in administrative and instructional capacity.

The Guest Speaker, Col. Mishra talked about the Indian Army, highlighting the structure of command and the training procedure of the cadets. Indian army officer cadets are trained to be mentally and physically very strong. There is a different duration of training for different entries in the army. A Cadet studies war tactics, survival skills and many more strategies that will make him able to lead men at the front during wartime. An officer is a leader and for a great army, the leader must be great. At the training academies, the cadet is transformed from a boy to gentleman. He undergoes rigorous physical training that boosts his stamina and power.

Col. Mishra also talked in brief about the composition of various battalions and regiments. Some of the videos about the graduation day of the cadets were indeed awe-inspiring. Everybody in the Hall was emotionally charged and had a sense of pride after knowing about the rigours that our army men undergo during the training and later while guarding the national borders. It is very important that we all know about our Army and the soldiers who put their lives at stake; guard the frontiers of the nation, and let the citizens live in peace.

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