Guest Session “Stock Mind Games” on 26 November 2018 by Mr. Akash Bhasin

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A Guest Session “Stock Mind Games” was organized by Jaipuria School of Business on 26th November 2018 in the Hall of Inspiration for the First Year PGDM students to give practical exposure to them to the Stock Market. The session was conducted in association with ICICI Direct, and the facilitator was Mr. Akash Bhasin, Regional Manager at ICICI Securities Ltd.

Mr. Bhasin first explained to the students about the stock market and its functioning. He also discussed various investment options available for the masses. Later, the students were involved in a virtual game related to investments. They were given INR 15 Lacs each as the virtual money which they were supposed to invest in stocks, mutual funds or shares to get maximum return. The purpose of organizing the programme and of making students invest by themselves was to make them familiarize with the market and with the risks involved in investments. The Virtual Game provided the students with practical learning and exposure. The activity aimed at making the students learn the techniques of making the investment in the share market; analyzing the current condition of the market; and anticipating & calculating the risk.

The session was very informative and gave the students an opportunity to participate in the Stock Games at the national level. The final results will be declared in a month’s time and the winners will be selected on the basis of returns earned through virtual investments.

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