Greetings from Jaipuria School of Business

Management education in 21st Century ought to reflect a level of preparedness that would stand equal to the challenges being faced by the contemporary Society, Polity, Economy and Business. The VUCA environment places a tough demand on Business Schools across the Globe. Holistic development of intellectual faculty with contemporaneous changes in paradigms for learning can best insure the students against unforeseen contingencies in future.

The Jaipuria School of Business, Indirapuram, Ghaziabad, believes in meeting the challenges of tomorrow, today. At Jaipuria School of Business, our Faculty, Curricula and Pedagogy, all are committed to hasten the academic evolution and keep pace with the contemporary challenges in the environment of Business. We at Jaipuria School of Business, don’t hold on to the past or hold the past against the possibilities to gift all our students a bright future. We work on optimism and positive flow of energy. We welcome the challenges that lay ahead in future and we train our students, the budding Managers, into Champions of today and Leaders of the future, ready to face any challenge of uncertainty today or tomorrow with confidence.

The management post – graduates from Jaipuria School of Business, acquire threefold competencies – they learn fundamentals of Knowledge, they acquire and hone Skills to put their learning into useful Practice and, they also inculcate Social Competencies and Ethical Values, the star-qualities which make an individual most reliable and trustworthy. We don’t prepare our students just for getting a job or a head-start in career, but we train them for the maximum heights they should climb up to in their future.

Welcome to Jaipuria School of Business, the Future Academy that prepares the today of our students for their everlasting success tomorrow.

Dr SK Mahapatra, Director
Jaipuria School of Business
Indirapuram, Ghaziabad