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It was 7pm in the evening and the room was abuzz with incessant chatter. The kids were excited and some of them came to the school way before the scheduled time. It was time for the first ever Mystery Skype Session held on 7th May 2018 at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow for grades 6 and 7.

As the session was about to start the students had butterflies in their stomach as they were not sure what they were in for. The students of the mystery school were welcomed by Smriti Sharma of class VI. The session began with each side posing twenty questions to each other to guess the location of the other’s country and subsequently the city of residence. The answers to the questions had to be “yes” or “no” answers. Who would start first was decided through a game of rock paper scissors. Some of the questions asked by the visiting school were whether we were located in the southern hemisphere or if we were north of the equator? The kids were curious to find out if we were from Asia or Africa. Our children too asked questions like if they were in North or South America or close to Hudson Bay? The interaction this time was with Silver Spring School, Saskatoon, Canada.

Once it was established that the visiting school was from Saskatoon Canada and they too had guessed that we were from India, an informal banter ensued.

The students asked each other about the time of the places where they were at, what were the school hours, temperature of the city of residence and if it was too hot or cold. Our kids asked them about what was the most popular dish to eat? As technology is indispensible for the youngsters of today, the obvious question asked by our kids was if in Canada students were allowed to carry mobile phones to school? And an affirmative answer from the other side made our students look longingly at our Principal, Mrs Poonam Kochitty who was an active participant in the session. The session for the day ended as the students of the two countries bid adieu to each other singing their respective National Anthems.

Once the session was over, the parents who came to pick up their wards congratulated our Principal for giving the students an opportunity to connect with the world in the safe environs of the school and that the kids look forward to attending each day at school.