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Sitar Recital by Padma Shri Ustaad Shakir Khan


“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato

On 7 Aug’18, Seth Anandram Jaipuria, Lucknow, under the ages of SPICMACAY, oraganized a Sitar Recital by the renowned sitar player Padma Shri Ustaad Shakir Khan. He was accompanied on the Tabla by Shri Hafiz Ahmad Alvi. The musical morning started with lighting of the lamp followed by the welcome address by a student Mansi Yadav.

Padma Shri Ustaad Shakir Khan started his recital with the melodious Raag Charu keshi which captivated the audience. The whole auditorium resonated with the melodious sound of the sitar with the jugal bandi of tabla. The stage turned into a divine temple for the maestro and his enchanting performance created a meditative atmosphere in the auditorium. He started his interactive session with students by introducing his instrument and playing a few compositions. He told students about the origin of sitar from the instrument Surbahar which was played by his fore fathers. He belongs tothe eighth generation of the Etawah gharana that specializes in the ‘gayaki’ style. Hafiz Ahmad Alvi introduced the tabla, and showed how the daayan and baayan produce different notes separately and how they sound when they played together.



































Ustaadencouraged students to ask questions. The maestro, patiently, answered all the questions in a precise manner. Thereafter, he involved the enchanted audience by playing different ragas. The students were amazed to know that he started playing the sitar at the age of 3. Answering a question about inspiration and passion, he said that for every work, one needs to have passion and inspiration. His inspiration was his father and he worked hard to reach where he is today. When asked about his best performance, he was quick to answer, “It is yet to come.” He informed students that he had played in many countries like USA, Canada, all parts of Europe, Africa and Australia. In response to a question he said that Indian music is verypopular all across the globe and it is loved and respected by everyone abroad.

This mesmerizing musical morning left children in awe and smiles. Principal, Ms. Poonam Kochitty, felicitated the guests with souvenirs and complimented Padma Shri Ustaad Shakir Khan and his team for an immensely delightful musical performance.

Never to be Defeated


Institute of Career Studies, Lucknow Organised a seminar on NEVER TO BE DEFEATED at Mercury Auditorium , Indira Gandhi Prathisthan, Lucknow, UP on 4 Aug 18, in the first half. This seminar was for those students who might need encouragement, who for whatever reason were feeling left out and lost. Accordingly, 13 students (Class V – Class IX) from Seth Anandram Jaipuria, Sushant Golf City were selected and could participate.

During the pre seminar Dr (Mrs) Amrita Dass, Founder Director, Institute for Career Studies and also one of the leading India’s Educationist and Career-Consultant demonstrated motivational thoughts through their slide show edited with a pleasant song created a positive vibe in the auditorium filled with students and accompanied mentors from 22 leading schools of Lucknow, UP. Dr. Amrita interacted with as many students and mentors what they have learned from their presentation. Response, involvement, explanation given by the audience was marvellous and created further excitement to the seminar. The seminar started with lighting of brass lamp by the guest speakers, which emitted divine consciousness, radiant energy (chaitanya) and Tej tattva (absolute fire principle) in the auditorium.










Mr Keshav Varma, IAS (Retd) belongs to 1976 batch of Gujarat Cadre. In his short and crisp speech, he explained how he was bought up in Rampur Distt in UP by his Hindu Father and Muslim Mother in the 60’s. He was not good in his studies till graduation and was forced to switch over from Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as he could not explain (A+B)2, this enabled him to become a rank holder in History, which eventually lead to the selection of IPS. As he was wearing spectacle, he was declared medically unfit to join IPS. Around this time one of his friend dragged him into an examination hall where Bank Probationary Officer’s exam was going on and he was selected. After training, he was posted in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh and served there for more than a year, While serving in Bank, Mr. Varma never gave up studies and finally got selected into IAS. Plenty of challenges in his career as Municpal commissioner of Ahmedabad, subsequently he joined the World Bank as sector Director of East Asia Urban Development and Disaster Management, where he led the reconstruction and recovery works in response to major natural disasters. Mr Varma teaches urban policy in eminent universities such as Harvard, Clemson and Duke. Mr Varma has conceived and mobilized a broad coalition of partners for the Global Tiger Initiative (GTI). As its founding Director and now its CEO and Executive Director, he facilitated a collaboration of 13 tiger range countries for conservation of wild tigers.

Mrs Pallavi Fauzdar, at the age of 35, has decided to live her dream of driving motor bike in high altitude. When she did, she shocked everyone. Pallavi has entered the Limca Book of Records thrice. First woman to ride eight mountain passes above 5000m in a single trip, First woman solo motorcyclist to ride to Mana Pass at an altitude of 5638m or 18774’ and First woman motorcyclist to ride to the highest freshwater lake, Lake Deotal situated at 5471 m or 17950’. She has been awarded Nari Shakti Award by President of India and Outstanding global woman of Uttar Pradesh (UP) by the Chief Minister of UP. Pallavi has recently biked through seven North Eastern states, through rain, flood and areas with insurgency.

Having lost one leg in a hang gliding incident Major Ashok Kumar Singh, known to friends as AK never gave up nor gave in to the cruelty of fate. In the true spirit of a soldier he fought the battle of life and came out with flying colors. In 1984 AK was a part of a sailing crew of a yatch called Trishna, and he sailed around the world, creating a world record of being the only person with disability to do so. The army bestowed Kirti Chakra on its brave heart. Major Singh has recently penned his journey in a book called Beyond Horizons. Maj Singh’s thirst for adventure and determination to push his limits know no bounds. He recently bungee jumped from the world’s highest point in South Africa, he swims like a champ, drives an SUV and regularly participates in 10 km Marathons in India and abroad.

Karo Sambhav Launches School Programme in Lucknow


Karo Sambhav, an E-waste PRO of prominent brands like Apple, Dell, HP and Lenovo will conduct this programme for 30 schools over four months.

The Karo Sambhav School Programmes induction workshop was held on 4th Aug 2018 at Seth AnandramJaipuria School, Lucknow.Karo Sambhav an E-waste Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) of prominent brands like Apple, Dell, HP and Lenovo conducted this programme in association with Juana Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Speaking at the inauguration of the programme, Principal of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School Mrs. Poonam Kochitty, said“This is very special event and each and every one of us should contribute in spreading the awareness and take it as our moral responsibility. We appreciate this initiative”.

Pranshu Singhal, Founder Karo Sambhav envisions responsible recycling to become a way of life in India. Karo Sambhav is building a cohesive e-waste movement across India by making it possible for people and institutions to responsibly recycle their electronic waste. The School Programme is a part of its efforts to spread awareness on the issue of waste and to enable behavioral change.

The programme aims at creating awareness on critical environmental issues and inspiring students to adopt preventive environmental strategies. It enables development of 21st century skills of collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, communication, ICT competencies and real-world problem solving, by deploying contemporary pedagogical practices. It also aims to support ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’, ‘Digital India’, and ‘Smart Cities’. In the academic year 2017-18, the programme engaged 1000+ schools across 29 States and 2 Union Territories in India. It engaged over 2400+ Teachers and 121000+ Students.









The programme will involve several stakeholders like students, their peers, parents, relatives, and communities to critically evaluate and consider the environmental impact of their current lifestyles and move towards the creation of a circular economy.In the initial workshop, 20+ teachers will be given training on the specially designed toolkit for the purpose, consisting of 7 exercises based on Circular Economy and Understanding Waste including Waste from Electrical and Electronic goods. Teachers will then work along with students from their school on various activities, community projects and practical field-work.

The programme will end with celebrating the efforts and the achievements of various schools, teachers, and students. Schools will be felicitated, and the focus will be to keep sharing the best work done by them, with others.





VIGYANTARAN – An IIT Mumbai Initiative


“Curiosity is one of the permanent and certain characteristics of a vigorous intellect.” – Samuel Johnson

On 1st of August a session on Robotics was held by ‘Vigyantaran’ – an IIT Bombay pioneering tech congregation. The students of Jaipuria were wonder struck by the ‘flying quad-copter’ session. The young inquiring minds were utterly captivated by the recent show of the unmanned flying aircraft conceptualized by the enthusiasts of ‘Vigyantaran’. The amazing spectacle of the quad-copter drone in flight drew applause from our children and a sense of excitement was palpable.

The guest Mr. Shubham Gupta explained that the tech-marvel had four rotors. By varying the power to these four motors, the drone could hover, climb, descend, and turn. This remote controlled aerial vehicle has the potential of illustrative utilities like surveying, inspection, mapping which it can perform with the aid of on-board sensors. The major technicalities were explained briefly to the kids and the ultimate demonstration was a ‘tech-treat’ for all.

Besides illustrating the various applications of the mechanical aircraft, the team even succeeded in instilling the early seeds of technology & engineering competence! It is now upto the children to enrol for a two day workshop in which they will learn how to make this drone-copter.





Talk on 3M by Mr. Yogesh Kumar Singh, Regional Sales Manager North-2, Health Care Business, 3M India Ltd.


It is a constant endeavor at Seth Anandram JaipuriaSchool, Lucknow toencourage our students to become future innovators and successful entrepreneurs and to contribute in making our world a more evolved and sustainable system of existence.

It is also our endeavor to actively engage parents in school programs .On 1August 1, 2018 ,we invited Mr. Yogesh Kumar Singh ,Regional Sales Manager North-2,Health Care Business ,father of Naman Singh, class V  to deliver a talk to our students about 3M. 3M is an acronym for MINNESOTA MINING &MANUFACTURE. 3M is counted amongst the first ten of the fortune 500 companies. It has been a beacon for fostering innovation in industry.

Mr. Yogesh exalted upon the great vision and ideology of the company which has innovation at its heart. He engaged the students in an interactive session wherein he spoke about how 3M has made its presence felt in all areas of life.  The firm began its journey in 1902 and has more than 1, 13,000 patented products till date. He elaborated on how the company is spread over 70 countries including India and has more than 90,000 employees.


He encouraged the students not to get disappointed by failure as the company believes that – ‘the legacy of innovation was founded on rising from failure’.He told the students that the company’s motto was based on the core values of being good, fair, accurate, honest, loyal and respectful in every aspect of life. He further added that the company believes in the ethos of advancement, enhancement and improvement in the fields of business, work and life respectively.

The students were enthralled by the story of NeilArmstrong’s boots being designed and made by 3M. Mr. Yogesh further told the students about the company’s innovatively designed clothing used by soldiers in high altitudes. He spoke about how 3M touches our lives in big ways and small. From the glue that holds the wings of an aeroplane in place to 3M scotch glue and post its, from abrasives like scotch brite and cleaning products to 3M tapes, reflectors, signboards, sprays, films, Stethoscopes, the list is endless.3M has spread the idea of innovation in healthcare, consumer goods, safety,graphics, nanotechnology and many more areas of industrial growth. Hefurther announced that 3M has been assigned the ‘Smart City project’ for the entire nation,which was received with a huge applause by the students.

The Principal, Mrs.Poonam Kochitty, thanked Mr. Yogesh for the informative and engaging talk and assured him that the talk would surely nurture the seeds of innovation in the young and bright minds of the students.





Coming Up


Sitar recital on 7th August by Padma Shri Ustad Shakir Parvez Khan renowned Indian Classical Sitar player from the Imdadkhani gharana. He belongs to the seventh generation of the Etawah gharana and hails from a family of musicians like Imdad Khan (great grandfather) Enayat Khan, Wahid Khan (Grand Father) and Vilayat Khan (Grand Uncle).



Inter – Class Elocution – Middle & Senior School


Robert Frost has rightly said “Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words.

Poetry is a rhythmical creation of beauty in words. It is a medium of self-expressions with a creative use of words and emotions to convey a message to the audience. To expose the students to oratory skills and to develop their expressions an Inter Class Elocution Competition was organised for the seniors recently.  All the classes gathered for the event looking exuberant. The classes chose some of the  famous poems like The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, The Brook, IF  and The Charge of the Light Brigade etc. and some of the poems which were highly expressive and entertaining such as Adventures of Isabel, The Little Red Riding Hood. The criteria of judgement was voice modulation, expressions, synchronization etc. The results are as follow:

Class                                       Rank

VIII –A                                      1st

VII- B                                       2nd

IX –A                                        3rd

The winners were delighted although Principal ma’am remarked that the level of competition can be praised by putting more emphasis on voice modulation and more importantly understanding the poem and its expressions thoroughly.






Varsha Utsav – 2018


Tuesday, the 24 of July’18 was an exciting day for 16 boarders of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Sushant Golf City, as they were going to participate in an annual event held during the monsoons Varsha Utsav. This program was in collaboration with Prithvi Innovations, an NGO, that is engaged in environmental protection / conservation, reducing hunger, river cleaning and many more projects. On that day the 34 KM journey was to a government Pre-Primary School at Ghaila village near SitapurHardoi Bypass Road.





















Out students and staff had collected clothes / shoes and wheat, rice and pulses to donate. Upon reaching the venue, the students were received by MsAnuradha, founder secretary of Prthiviinnovations, NGO, who is a warrior working hard to save the depleting flora & fauna. The Programme commenced with a welcome greeting by all 85 students of the school. MsAradhana selected 4 students to represent entities like Cloud, Sea, Earth& Wind. Each one’s responsibility was to illustrate the role of those entities to preserve nature, eliminate pollutions, ensure safe drinking water etc. Then a few saplings of Jasmine, Mango, Kadam & Bhel were planted. The next event was Hindi poem recitation& it was challenging, due to paucity of time. Kichdi was then prepared and served as refreshment from the Anna poorna Rasoi, part of Prithvi Innovations attempt to reduce food wastage and achieving zero hunger. The Organisers also asked the children to go to all 4 class rooms to read stories and explain them to the kids. Then our children distributed clothes to the NAT community (NAT community have traditions similar to the Bazigar caste. It’s Sanskrit meaning is a dancer, a kind of nomad who were traditionally entertainers and jugglers who can be found in roadside dancing & begging)who were there near the school premises. Pulses&grains were also handed over to the organizers for the Anna Poorna Rasoi.

The event concluded by interacting with their staff. They invited us again to the next event, the Gomti River clean up, that would be an initiative to clean up the nearby river. The students of Classes VI – VIII participated in the event & learnt a sense of responsibility to preserve our surroundings, plants &rivers. We also had a group photo session with the school Head Master, all staff of the school&the team Prithvi Innovations.

Primary Inter Class Recitation Competition


As a part of the weekly co curricular activities, an Inter Class Recitation Competition was held on 19th July for classes I to V. The students participated in it with great enthusiasm in spite of their ongoing examinations. The poems chosen provided a wide variety to the audience. Poems like the Ken Nesbitt’sThe weather is just perfect’ was animatedly presented by the students of class II A impressed the judges and won the first prize. ‘My Brother Just Eats Candy’ presented by the students of class III tickled the funny bones and bagged the second prize. The little ones of classes IA and B were not far behind and recited the poem ‘The Cat’. The students of class IA won the third prize. Classic poems like Tyger Tyger by William Blake and The Charge of the Light Brigade by Tennyson were presented by Classes-V A and B respectively. Class V A won the second position too. Our Principal Ma’am, Mrs Poonam Kochitty lauded the performance of the winners and at the same time gave some valuable tips to enhance pronunciation. Time and again on her behest the teachers incorporate songs and chants into language lessons to improve vocabulary and literacy skills of the students.




Coming Up….. Progate- Learn to code, learn to be creative.



Programming gives you the power to change the world. It also gives you the power to change your life.

Progate is Japan’s biggest online platform where students learn modern programming skills such as Python, Java, Ruby and many more. It offers a fully equipped coding environment for students to get started with coding. It’s a one year engagement plan with full access of all 14 tracks and 60 lessons. After completing a track, students get a completion certificate which they can share on LinkedIn or feature in their profile. We are happy to inform you that our school is collaborating with Progate which will provide modern programming lessons and certificates will help the children to learn critical skills for 21st-century success.Classes will commence shortly at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School Lucknow, for shortlisted students of grade VI and above.