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Third Founder’s Day


Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow, celebrated its Third Annual Day on 24 November’18 amidst great zest, vibrancy and elation.  Mr. Jayant Krishna, Management Consultant, Key Evangelist Skill Development and the former Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer of National Skill Development Corporation, was the Honorable Chief Guest for the gala event.  Among other dignitaries present were Chairman, Mr. Shishir Jaipuria, members of the management, Principals of other school, guests and parents.

The theme of ‘Future Ready’ was chosen keeping in mind the need to empower students, make them aware of technological changes and given them an understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals. This will enable them to become a powerful force for achieving the United Nation’s vision of a more peaceful, healthy and equitable world.

The evening commenced with the lighting of the Ceremonial lamp and the chanting of Sholkas. This was followed by the prayer song ‘You Raise Me Up’ and ‘I ‘m the Clay and You are the Potter’ by the students of Pre-Primary, IV and VIII.

The Chairman, Mr. Shishir Jaipuria, welcomed the Honorable Chief Guest, Mr. Jayant Krishna and apprised him about the vision and mission of the school.  Mrs. Poonam Kochitty, Principal, presented the Annual Report for the session 2018-19 highlighting the key achievements of the school and their initiatives in integrating technology with Education. A Sufi prayer rendition soothed the soul and set the tone for the cultural programme.

The Chief Guest, Mr. Jayant Krishna, was superlative in his appreciation of the students, teachers and Management for a classic programme presented. He lauded the vision and the relentless hard work done by students and their mentors for presenting such a message oriented show.  He stressed on the development of skills which is a necessity to be ready for the future.

Prizes were given to students who participated in various Inter school competitions at National and International levels and won laurels. Aaradhya Mishra of class I, won the National Award in the Hindi Olympiad organized by Hindi Vikas Sansthan; Ojas Singh of class II, qualified for Nationals in the Skating Championship organized by CBSE, Aarsh Srivastava of class IX was among the top 50 in the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship, Krishna Tulsyan, class IX and Sagar Rai, class VI participated and were among the top 100 in the country,  in Progate, Japan’s biggest online web service where everyone can learn coding; Hardik Raj Kapoor, class IX, Anubhav Singh, class IX and Ayush Jain , class VIII won the II prize in Movie Making Competition, organized by Amity International School, Gurgaon; Samra and Simone Thethi won the II prize in Erudit- Pintura, a painting competition, organized by Allenhouse Public School, Kanpur.   They were felicitated for their hard work and spirited efforts. Vote of thanks was proposed by the Headmistress, Ms. Monika Taneja.

The cultural programme commenced with the song ‘Earth We Are In It Together’ by the students of Pre-Primary, IV & VIII. The song echoed the concerns of threats of pollution, climate change and problems that have pervaded our lives. This was followed by a poem ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, a Sanskrit phrase which reiterated that ‘the world is one family’.  The Chinese Dance by the girls of VII, VIII & IX carried forward the pledge to preserve a clean and green earth and plant more trees. Students from classes IV, V & VI recited a heart breaking poem- “Orangutan” about the plight of displaced animals. Music is the simple idea that can improve lives and make this world a better place to live.

This thought echoed in the performance of the school’s Rock Band which regaled everyone with their rocking performance of ‘Believer’ by Imagine Dragons. The students of classes III, IV and V enthralled the audience with their scintillating performance of Gujarati Folk Dance, in an earnest request to their parents to spend more time with them. A presentation by the students of class III, on Mumbai Dabbawalas was a thoughtful gesture in order to showcase the noble work done by Dabbawals with zero error. The budding music talents of the school played and rendered mellifluous songs of yesteryears which are based on classical music, in an effort to unite mind, body and soul. Percussion played through sticks on buckets was unique and stole the show. The performance created a magical atmosphere which left the audience spellbound.

A Fairy Tale Mash-Up by the students of I, II and III sent the audience into peals of laughter. It transported them to the world of stories where they met characters like Little Red Riding Hood to Hanuman and Sita Ma. The Senior students presented the Hoop and Clap Dance with exuberance and unmatched zeal. They used the Hoops to make different formations which depicted coordination and concentration as teamwork and collaboration are essential 21st century skills. Students of classes I, II & III took the audience from the world of clowns to the world of robots with their ‘Clown and Robot’ dance. Hindi poems were recited as Fillers by Ashish and Abhinav Singh. These poems described the present day society and how mobile phones have replaced camera, calculator and also friends!

Progress and being future ready are necessary and inevitable, yet it is important to stay rooted and sustain what we’ve inherited. The event culminated with the Ghoomar dance – a colorful vibrant dance joined by all the participants. The visual feast created a magical scene that few will forget in the days to come. It was an exhilarating & befitting end to the program.

Experiential Learning


The Pre-Primary children are fascinated with animals, huge animals like the giraffe or an elephant down to the very small creatures like insects and lizards. The Nursery teacher Mrs. Anjana Tiwari took the initiative of nurturing a caterpillar she had caught. On the 3rd of October she bought it to the school so that the children could have a closer look, see it eating the leaves and crawling. Not only were the kids excited as they have already read the story “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” but even the teachers were amazed and intrigued by this fat well fed creature that will soon transform into a delicate colorful butterfly.



On 2nd of October our very little ones of Grades I and II assembled in school for their very first Skype lesson. It was a story telling session by the renowned author Sarah Aronson from Chicago, USA. The teachers and the children excitedly tuned in at 9:30 in the morning. Sarah began her story telling after a quick chat with the children. She read out two of her books “The Wish List – The Worst Fairy Godmother Ever!”

The Second book “Just Like Rube Goldberg” interested the children more especially when she asked the children to give her some crazy ideas. She told the children that some of the things she does regularly are reading, drawing, and jotting ideas so that she can refer to them later. She also said that some of her story writer friends get together and share ideas. On being asked by one of our kid’s who the illustrator of her book was – she said “Heather” from the UK whom she had never met.

She gave a very valuable tip to the children saying that they must have three things not only to be a writer but in whatever they do.

Kindness, determination and gusto. She acted out the meaning of gusto- excitement, energy and confidence for whatever they wanted to do.

She concluded by telling the children that she was initially a physio therapist but took to writing stories when someone dared her to do it.

She invited the children to write and mail their stories to her. Everybody thanked her and waved goodbye.


Boarders’ Day Out ………………………


“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” –Michael Jordan

Hostelers of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Amar Shaheed Path, Golf City, Pocket 3, Sector D, Ansal API, Lucknow, UP took a break from their hectic schedule and were taken by 2 school staff to a motivational movie “Gold  on 22 August 2018. The movie was based on India’s first Olympic Gold Medal.

During pre-independence, the then Indian Hockey Team Manager, Tapan Das (hero) holds aspirations of playing hockey as a free country, preparing, managing and coaching a novice hockey team to earn independent India’s first Olympic gold medal at the 1948 Summer Olympics, despite battling with his own personal demons and the independence era situations. Gold is an Indian historical sports-drama film based upon the national hockey team’s title at the 1948 Summer Olympics. The Film is directed by Reema Kagti, produced by RiteshSidhwani and Farhan Akhtar. It stars Akshay Kumar, Mouni Roy, Kunal Kapoor, Vineet Kumar Singh, Amit Sadh, and Sunny Kaushal.The importance of “Team Work” was nicely depicted in the movie and the same was deeply understood by all hostelers.

After the movie, the kids were taken to a food court where they enjoyed a hearty meal It was a holiday well spent.





Workshop on Quadcopter


The much-awaited workshop on ’Quadcopter’ for the students of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School was conducted on 18 and 19th Aug’18 by ‘Vigyantaran’ – an IIT Bombay pioneering tech congregation. It was a two-day workshop for the students. On the first day an expert from Vigyantram team, Mr. Prawal Pratap Singh explained that the tech-marvel has four rotors. He explained how the drone could hover, climb, descend, and turn and how this remote-controlled aerial vehicle has the potential of illustrative utilities like surveying, inspection, mapping which it can perform with the aid of on-board sensors. The technicalities of its parts, aerodynamics, history and designs were explained briefly to the students.

On the second day students were given the kits to assemble their own Quadcopter in a group of fives. At last a flying session was conducted which was a ‘tech-treat’ for all. Students enjoyed the experience of flying the quadcopter, its take-off and its landing.






Independence Day


“Don’t see others doing better than you, beat your own records
everyday, because success is a fight between you and yourself.”
Chandra Shekhar Azad


It was a red letter day in the history of India when the country got her freedom on August 15, 1947.It took hundreds of years for us to break the shackles of slavery.Our school Seth Anandram Jaipuria celebrated 72ndIndependence Day, on 15 August’18, with great enthusiasm and respect. To commemorate the sovereignty of our nation,our Principal Mrs. Poonam Kochitty unfurled the tricolour flag and all in unison sang the national anthem.

Mansha Verma addressed the gathering and quoted the famous line of the poem “Where the Mind is Without Fear” by Noble Laureate Rabindranath Tagore that truly rekindled the spirit of patriotism in each one of us.This was followed by the Investiture Ceremony. The newly elected council was conferred with badges by the Principal, to instil a sense of duty and pride. The student’s council took the pledge to hold the school’s Pride and Honour in high esteem. Vishwa Pratap Singh of class IX was selected as the Head Boy. Sandhya became the Captain of Ganga House. ManyaKadian became the Captain of Narmada House. Krishna Tulsyan was selected the Captain of Godavari House and Pragati is the Captain of Krishna House. The students were excited on being elected for the prestigious posts.

The little budding stars of the pre-primaryadded exuberance through their dance performance. This was followed by a mash up dance performance by the students of Krishna House which left the audience grooving to the music. The performance by Godavari House brought to life the supreme sacrifice of the martyrs.The students of the choir sang a patriotic song that awakened everyone’s feeling towards our motherland.

Mrs. Amita Shukla delivered the vote of thanks stressing the ‘importance’ and the ‘need’ for mental liberation in order to experience true freedom, peace and unity in diversity.The program concluded with words of wisdom by our Principal, Mrs. Poonam Kochitty, who encouraged everyone to become a better person in all aspects of life with each passing day.




Freedom Run


Seth Anandram Jaipuria School has sports embedded in its curriculum as it understands the importance of physical health and activity. Keeping this in mind, on 11 Aug’18, under the ages of Arun’s Paathshala, a Fitness group of Lucknow, our school organized a ‘FREEDOM Run 2018’ on the occasion of Independence Day. The objective behind this event was to spread FITNESS awareness in our city at every level so as to make Lucknow one of the fittest cities of India. Students participated in large numbers and ran enthusiastically with a spirit of togetherness. Parents also joined in. Patriotic Slogans rent the air and filled them with more energy. The 2.5 kilometers run started at Sushant Golf City park and ended at the School premises. The marathon was followed by a very inspirational speech from the Fitness group coach of Arun’s Paathshala, Mr. Arun Sharma.






Super Chef Activity- “Sevachi Chaat”


An activity “Super Chef” was conducted on 10th August’18 for the Pre-Primary Children. The children were taught fireless cooking by teaching them to make chaat. For presenting chaat activity a Sevachi Chaat Cart was made and a teacher dressed up like a Chaat wala. This was street food straight from Mumbai ‘Sewa Puri.’  The children were involved in the preparations. The Pre-Nursery children mixed curd and sugar learning a new word ‘mixing’, the Nursery children were engaged in peeling of boiled potatoes and the K.G. children mashed the potatoes learning the words boiling, mashing, chopping. They were shown chopping of onion and coriander leaves.

Finally on the fourth counter the children were called for assembling the ingredients and garnishing with coriander and seva. The mouth-watering chaat was relished by all.








The month of August holds a special place in the hearts and lives of Indians around the world. It is a month of festivities galore. Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow rang in the festivities almost a week in advance with the Dance Pageant 2018 held on 10th August. The event was divided into two segments juniors and seniors. The themes were Janmastami for the juniors and Independence for the senior section. The ingenuity of the acts coupled with the vibrant costumes brought the stage alive.The programme was anchored by Aryan Tripathi of class V and Mansha Verma.

The students of Junior section brought the different facets of Lord Krishna to life with their ebullient performances. The winner of the contest Godavari house blew the audience away with different avatars of Lord Krishna. The second place was shared by Krishna and Ganga House who depicted Radha as the inseparable companion of Krishna and the revelry with the gopis and jolly tricks he played on the people of Gokul and Vrindavan. Narmada house the winners of the third position portrayed the birth of Sri Krishna.

In the Senior section, various houses performed on patriotic songs with grace and panache. Krishna House won the first prize for its performance on themash up of patriotic songs from yester years.The first runners up Godavari house brought out the effervescent hues of India with their performance on the song Desh Rangeela. The second runners up Ganga House were not far behind as they turned the clock back with their depiction of India’s partition and reminded us why it is important for all the countries of the world to live in peace and harmony.The concept chosen by them was lauded by all the three judges. All the acts left the audience agape and frequently breaking into applause whenever the participants made a formation on the stage.

Our Principal, Mrs Poonam Kochitty marveled at all the performances and congratulated all the participants and teachers for their efforts and ingenuity. She also gave valuable tips to the participants on coordination and stage utilization.







Embracing English- Words Worth Language LabTraining


Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow is a brand known for keeping in tune with the times and believes in providing the students under its wings with the latest in the field of education. One such endeavour is the Words Worth Language Lab. It is used frequently used to enhance the students’ speaking and reading skills as per CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Language) standards.








An engaging workshop for the teachers on the same was undertaken on 4th August, 2018 by Mr. Lesley Sam Sajen of the Wordsworth language Lab. The workshop enlightened the teachers on how the lab could be used to improve conversation skills and in turn inter personal skills. The resource person involved the teachers to demonstrate various modules like pronunciation, meeting and greeting people. The highlight of the session was the grammar modules related to the spoken English modules that could be used as recapitulation activities. As the content of the lab is divided into classroom instructions and computer based training it gives the students a variety of learning experiences. Various activities are supposed to be done in pairs that help in boosting confidence of the children.

The new members of the staff got a chance to learn about the core concepts of the Words Worth lab in the workshop and are looking forward to incorporate them to help students enhance their communication skills. As for the younger generation, it is a sure shot tool for progress and prosperity.