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Third Founder’s Day


Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow, celebrated its Third Annual Day on 24 November’18 amidst great zest, vibrancy and elation.  Mr. Jayant Krishna, Management Consultant, Key Evangelist Skill Development and the former Executive Director & Chief Operating Officer of National Skill Development Corporation, was the Honorable Chief Guest for the gala event.  Among other dignitaries present were Chairman, Mr. Shishir Jaipuria, members of the management, Principals of other school, guests and parents.

The theme of ‘Future Ready’ was chosen keeping in mind the need to empower students, make them aware of technological changes and given them an understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals. This will enable them to become a powerful force for achieving the United Nation’s vision of a more peaceful, healthy and equitable world.

The evening commenced with the lighting of the Ceremonial lamp and the chanting of Sholkas. This was followed by the prayer song ‘You Raise Me Up’ and ‘I ‘m the Clay and You are the Potter’ by the students of Pre-Primary, IV and VIII.

The Chairman, Mr. Shishir Jaipuria, welcomed the Honorable Chief Guest, Mr. Jayant Krishna and apprised him about the vision and mission of the school.  Mrs. Poonam Kochitty, Principal, presented the Annual Report for the session 2018-19 highlighting the key achievements of the school and their initiatives in integrating technology with Education. A Sufi prayer rendition soothed the soul and set the tone for the cultural programme.

The Chief Guest, Mr. Jayant Krishna, was superlative in his appreciation of the students, teachers and Management for a classic programme presented. He lauded the vision and the relentless hard work done by students and their mentors for presenting such a message oriented show.  He stressed on the development of skills which is a necessity to be ready for the future.

Prizes were given to students who participated in various Inter school competitions at National and International levels and won laurels. Aaradhya Mishra of class I, won the National Award in the Hindi Olympiad organized by Hindi Vikas Sansthan; Ojas Singh of class II, qualified for Nationals in the Skating Championship organized by CBSE, Aarsh Srivastava of class IX was among the top 50 in the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship, Krishna Tulsyan, class IX and Sagar Rai, class VI participated and were among the top 100 in the country,  in Progate, Japan’s biggest online web service where everyone can learn coding; Hardik Raj Kapoor, class IX, Anubhav Singh, class IX and Ayush Jain , class VIII won the II prize in Movie Making Competition, organized by Amity International School, Gurgaon; Samra and Simone Thethi won the II prize in Erudit- Pintura, a painting competition, organized by Allenhouse Public School, Kanpur.   They were felicitated for their hard work and spirited efforts. Vote of thanks was proposed by the Headmistress, Ms. Monika Taneja.

The cultural programme commenced with the song ‘Earth We Are In It Together’ by the students of Pre-Primary, IV & VIII. The song echoed the concerns of threats of pollution, climate change and problems that have pervaded our lives. This was followed by a poem ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, a Sanskrit phrase which reiterated that ‘the world is one family’.  The Chinese Dance by the girls of VII, VIII & IX carried forward the pledge to preserve a clean and green earth and plant more trees. Students from classes IV, V & VI recited a heart breaking poem- “Orangutan” about the plight of displaced animals. Music is the simple idea that can improve lives and make this world a better place to live.

This thought echoed in the performance of the school’s Rock Band which regaled everyone with their rocking performance of ‘Believer’ by Imagine Dragons. The students of classes III, IV and V enthralled the audience with their scintillating performance of Gujarati Folk Dance, in an earnest request to their parents to spend more time with them. A presentation by the students of class III, on Mumbai Dabbawalas was a thoughtful gesture in order to showcase the noble work done by Dabbawals with zero error. The budding music talents of the school played and rendered mellifluous songs of yesteryears which are based on classical music, in an effort to unite mind, body and soul. Percussion played through sticks on buckets was unique and stole the show. The performance created a magical atmosphere which left the audience spellbound.

A Fairy Tale Mash-Up by the students of I, II and III sent the audience into peals of laughter. It transported them to the world of stories where they met characters like Little Red Riding Hood to Hanuman and Sita Ma. The Senior students presented the Hoop and Clap Dance with exuberance and unmatched zeal. They used the Hoops to make different formations which depicted coordination and concentration as teamwork and collaboration are essential 21st century skills. Students of classes I, II & III took the audience from the world of clowns to the world of robots with their ‘Clown and Robot’ dance. Hindi poems were recited as Fillers by Ashish and Abhinav Singh. These poems described the present day society and how mobile phones have replaced camera, calculator and also friends!

Progress and being future ready are necessary and inevitable, yet it is important to stay rooted and sustain what we’ve inherited. The event culminated with the Ghoomar dance – a colorful vibrant dance joined by all the participants. The visual feast created a magical scene that few will forget in the days to come. It was an exhilarating & befitting end to the program.

Education Conclave – Top Schools of India


“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work” – Colin Powell

At Seth AnandramJaipuria School, Lucknow , we continuously strive towards excellence to prepare students for global citizenship. The dedicated efforts of the staff, students and parents have truly paid off to convert this dream into reality!

Seth AnandramJaipuria School, Lucknow, was ranked among the top schools of India for ‘Outstanding Achievement in the field of Education’ by Digital Learning and ‘ELETS’ in the Education Conclave held at Taj Vivanta on 23 May’18. The award was received by Mr. Pankaj and Ms. ReetuPandey on behalf of the School Management. The award ceremony saw eminent people from the field of education – Mr. Jagdish Gandhi, Ms. Bharati Gandhi and officials from the Higher Education Department.

Panel discussions were conducted on Blended Learning, Importance of Social- Emotional Learning in School Education and Realizing Role of Modern Teachers in a Digital World. This was followed by a Round Table Discussion on ‘Beyond 3Rs(reading, writing and arithmetic). Our school participated in the discussions as we believe that learning is no longer restricted to the four walls of the classroom.

It is indeed a proud moment that our school has been commended for good work required to sustain academic excellence. Our school is the only Microsoft School in the city. We provide opportunities to our students to facilitate learning through technology. It ranges from new engaging, interactive and adaptive software to classic literature to video lectures to games. Teachers are able to provide personalized guidance and assistance to students.

We have achieved this feat under the guidance of our visionary Principal, Ms. Poonam Kochitty. She is the wind beneath our wings. She has always made us believe in our strength and hard work.

We would like to thank all those who have made this dream come true. This award is a motivation to achieve greater heights in our future endeavours.

First Day Of Summer Time Fun – The Annual Summer Camp


On 16th May, 2018 began the Annual Summer Camp at Jaipuria School, Lucknow. It was a moment of immense pride for all of us as it was our third summer camp and not only the numbers had quadrupled but a number of new activities had been added too. The Information Technology/ Robotics Club, Film Making and Editing being the most popular ones with the kids. On the first day in the Film Making activity, kids were apprised about the different stages in Film Making and people involved. Children were introduced to Stop Motion Animation. They made a film using toys brought by them. In the Robotics activity, the engineers of the future were introduced to various apparatus like the breadboard, Raspberry Pi and multi meter. The children learnt the very basics of electric circuits and what Raspberry Pi was. In addition to these activities, sporting activities like cricket, volleyball, football and skating kept the children on their toes. Various skills like approach, stance, execution and follow through were kept in mind while the children were being coached. There were different sets of activities for beginners and advanced learners. Other activities included performing arts like instrumental music; tabla, keyboard, guitar and drums. The children honed their culinary and artistic skills too.

Our tiny tots were not far behind either and were involved in activities like Science is Fun, cookery. The kids were involved creatively and constructively.

The camp in the coming days will give the students an opportunity to build self-confidence and self-esteem by removing any kind of academic, athletic and social competition that shapes their lives at school.

Beach Party at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School


A beach party at school? What a sandastic idea it was to re-create summer at the beach and set the beach ball rolling!!

There’s nothing more fun than water play on a hot sunny day. The entire area by the splash pool side in school was cleverly converted into a beach. The dress code was strictly Hawaiian casuals with accessories like sunglasses and hats. Beach music, palm trees, paddling pools helped set the scene with the little ones tapping their feet to the sound of summer music. The children were raring to dive into the pools and digging up sand with little spades, making their own sand castles. The children got an opportunity to engage all their senses. This was a vicarious experience of being by the beach. It could have been Goa or Kovalam or Hawaii.

The latter half of the day was Mother’s Day Celebration where the mothers also got an opportunity to spend a fulfilling day at the beach along with their child. They engaged and expressed their creativity through a face painting activity where the mothers had to paint their children’s faces.

It was a fun-filled day greatly enjoyed by all.

Nilansh Water Park


On 14th May’18 the children entered the campus with great joy and delight as a school picnic was planned by our Principal, Ms.Poonam Kochitty to the Nilaansh Water Park, approximately 50km away from our school. The very thought of plunging into the water in this scorching heat was electrifying. We reached the destination in just about an hour and were welcomed by soft drinks and light snacks.

The children changed into their swimming attires and dived into the pool with their friends. The park also had a couple of water rides that were such a respite from the blazing heat of the May month.

The highlight of the trip was the participation of 50 mothers of the children from grade Nursery to II. They had also accompanied their children and were seen having a gala time playing and dancing together with their kids. The thrill and adventure in the water lasted for around three hours and thereafter the authorities served us lunch.

The action-packed day was wrapped up by a scoop of finger-licking ice-cream at the exit gate. Though we thought that most of them will doze off on their way back, but the excitement and the chit-chat of the unforgettable day continued till we reached the school. Everyone expressed their gratitude to Principal for arranging such an exhilarating trip.



It was 7pm in the evening and the room was abuzz with incessant chatter. The kids were excited and some of them came to the school way before the scheduled time. It was time for the first ever Mystery Skype Session held on 7th May 2018 at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow for grades 6 and 7.

As the session was about to start the students had butterflies in their stomach as they were not sure what they were in for. The students of the mystery school were welcomed by Smriti Sharma of class VI. The session began with each side posing twenty questions to each other to guess the location of the other’s country and subsequently the city of residence. The answers to the questions had to be “yes” or “no” answers. Who would start first was decided through a game of rock paper scissors. Some of the questions asked by the visiting school were whether we were located in the southern hemisphere or if we were north of the equator? The kids were curious to find out if we were from Asia or Africa. Our children too asked questions like if they were in North or South America or close to Hudson Bay? The interaction this time was with Silver Spring School, Saskatoon, Canada.

Once it was established that the visiting school was from Saskatoon Canada and they too had guessed that we were from India, an informal banter ensued.

The students asked each other about the time of the places where they were at, what were the school hours, temperature of the city of residence and if it was too hot or cold. Our kids asked them about what was the most popular dish to eat? As technology is indispensible for the youngsters of today, the obvious question asked by our kids was if in Canada students were allowed to carry mobile phones to school? And an affirmative answer from the other side made our students look longingly at our Principal, Mrs Poonam Kochitty who was an active participant in the session. The session for the day ended as the students of the two countries bid adieu to each other singing their respective National Anthems.

Once the session was over, the parents who came to pick up their wards congratulated our Principal for giving the students an opportunity to connect with the world in the safe environs of the school and that the kids look forward to attending each day at school.

Inter House Declamation Competition


An Inter House DeclamationCompetition was held at Seth AnandramJaipuria school today. The task was to deliver a TED TALK of their choice. The students were supposed to present motivational TED TALKS given by famous speakers. Two students from each house participated in this competition. The aim of the competition was not only to assess the speakers on their command of the language, fluency voice modulation, accent etc but also to familiarize the audience with the talks of famous people on contemporary topics.

The participants had chosen the TED TALK’s of speakers like-IshitaKatiyar, Tanmay Bakshi, Crystal Robello, Sushmita Sen, Capt Anny Divya etc. The talks highlighted the views of the speakers on subject’s like- gender disparity, on being an introvert, artificial intelligence etc.

The students spoke with confidence and conviction in their words and enthralled the audience with their delivery. Mihir and Mansha of Narmada house secured a joint first place. Mansi from Krishna house secured the second position. Dhriti from Krishna house secured the third place in the competition.

Article Credited By: Seth Anandram Jaipuria School Lucknow

Jaipuria’s Got Talent


‘Free the child’s potential and you will transform him into the world’ – Maria Montessori

Seth AnandramJaipuria School, Lucknow, organized a talent hunt, for new students, ‘Jaipuria’s Got Talent’ on 3 May’18. This annual event aims to discover the talents of the new children and also help everyone to get to know them better.

The event started on a spiritual note with a prayer by the older students. Then began the program intently watched and applauded by all.The students, dressed in colorful dresses, were full of confidence and enthusiasm. They sang songs and enthralled the audience with their scintillating performances. Many students displayed their talents by dancing on entertaining music and left the audience spellbound. The eventsincluded: dance, song, poetry recitation and storytelling.

A plethora of talent unfolded on the stage of Seth AnandramJaipuria.Sayuri (Class I)was dressed like Mowgli and she danced on the foot tapping number- ‘Jungle JungleBaatChaliHai’. Kushagra (Class V) recited a beautiful poem by HarivanshraiBachchan-‘KoshishKarneWalon Ki kabhiHaarNahinHoti’. Shiny (Class IV) narrated an exciting story ‘I am a Polar Bear’. Ishan Banerjee (Class IV) recited a thought provoking poem by Dr. A.C. Raj Manohar- ‘My Dream of India’. Vanshika (K.G) stole everyone’s heart by her energetic and confident dance performance on a popular number. Lavanya (Class IV) showed her graceful dance on ‘Ghoomar’. Vaishnavi (Class IV) danced with elegance on ‘Kanha So Ja Zara’. The event concluded with the band performing ‘ Havana’where Ananya and Devanshi sang , Prajjwal was on the drums, Anubhav played the guitar, Shubhanshi was on Bass guitar and Saksham played the Keyboard. All the students let their hair down and joined the performers on the stage.

The Principal, Ms. PoonamKochitty, along with teachers, cheered them and watched with satisfaction the joy on the children’s faces.

Article Credited By: Seth Anandram Jaipuria School Lucknow

Pre-Primary – Super Chef Activity-Cocktail Sandwiches


Sandwiches are the very first thing the Pre-Nursery kids are taught atschool in the month of April. Teaching kids to prepare their own food is as important as teaching them life skills like keeping a budget or taking a shower on their own!When kids learn to prepare food, they learn more than how to make a healthy meal.

  • Their confidence grows, as they learn to prepare different things.
  • It gives them a sense of independence.
  • It teaches them to make healthy choices within certain parameters.
  • It reinforces the source of their food, and that it doesn’t have to “come from a box”.
  • It teaches them that it is actually faster to prepare their own meal than it is to go through a drive thru.

The children were engaged to make their own cocktail sandwiches (rich in protein).They began with washing the vegetables (car-rot,onion,cucumber).After washing they were shown how to cut, peel and grate the vegetables. They were asked to identify the ingredients and then a few children came up and mixed the sandwich mix which was made of (veggies,cheese, cottage cheese,mayonnaise,pizza mix herb,salt and pepper.).Later the sandwich mix was spread evenly over the fresh brown bread and cut into various shapes of a circle,triangle,square and half cir-cle.The children enjoyed the mouthwatering sandwiches which were served to them.

Webinar on 5 Global Trends In Education


Learning is no more restricted to books and workshops in today’s fast paced technological world. In recent times webinars have become popular learning resources that are not only cost effective, but have broken space and time barriers. On 26th April’18, three teachers along with the Principal Ms.Poonam Kochitty attended a webinar taken by Mr.Roderick D. Fraser, Chairman, Round Square International Network of Schools and a Jury Member at Future 50 Schools Shaping Success on 5 Global Trends in Education.

He started the session by highlighting the fact that Education now has been corporatized and has taken a business model. He said that there is still a wide gap in terms of quality between private and government schools; therefore there is a dire need that education is expertly guided and the 21st century model of equality be adopted. He further spoke about the challenges to assessment for university entrance and said that as a lot of children are going straight-to-work after finishing school, therefore it is the responsibility of the schools to train the children in ‘soft skills’.

Mr.Roderick also put forth his views on Mindfullness, Wellness and Positive Education in preparing the children to cope with challenges to succeed. He said that a blend of academic and non-academic learning leads to desired outcomes. He emphasized the fact that recruiters across the globe are looking for uniqueness, creative skills, entrepreneurial spirit, resilience, the ability to self-manage and also the ability to work in multi-cultural teams. Schools therefore must work on a curriculum that is relevant for a 21st century learner.

He lastly outlined the importance of flipped classroom and blended learning and spoke about why the approach of schools must adapt to suit the needs of today’s work environment where access to information is just a click away.

There are always takeaways in attending sessions by such eminent speakers and so it was for all of us.

Shilpi Agarwal
TGT Science