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Every day in the morning, packaged milk being delivered to households is a common sight. To give the students an insight into what goes into providing pure, healthy milk every morning, the students were taken to the Military Dairy Farm, Lucknow established in the year 1889, on October 5 and 6, 2017.

In the sprawling farm spread over 50 acres with more than 500 cows, the students got an opportunity to see various national and international breeds and inter breeds of cows like Sahiwal and Jersey etc. What intrigued the children was that each cow had a name. They realized that attention was being paid to the maintenance and upkeep of every animal. The children also got to see the special arrangements made for the cows who are nursing the young. They got to know the kind of fodder fed to the cattle and difference between green and dry fodder. At the same time, they picked up new vocabulary like salt lick and why it is important. They saw calves being kept separately and got an opportunity to pet them. Children were also taken to the Pasteurization and Packaging Section a very popular way of preserving milk. They got to see the entire plant.

Back in school, as a follow up activity, students wrote a paragraph on their experience of the visit. Our Principal ma’am took up related vocabulary in the morning assembly for the benefit of the children.

The trip gave the city bred students a glimpse of rural India.