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creativityRecently I had the opportunity to visit two upcoming schools of Lucknow. Schools that are the talk of the town for their unique architectural design and interiors. The actual experience did live up to my expectations and pleasantly so. Designed by Bangalore based architects, both the schools had a warm and inviting feel.

Every nook and corner was thoughtfully planned as a learning space. The interiors blended seamlessly with the outdoors creating a well lit, open and green space. The flooring and the furniture were colorful and child friendly. Safety measures were stringent and meticulously in place. Once inside, they could easily be mistaken for schools in the USA or UK. A new breed of boutique schools has made its debut in the city of Lucknow. Whether they actually deliver, and give existing schools a run for their money, is something that remains to be seen.

Poonam Kochitty