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creativityNot everyone is born with the same measure of creativity, but I am more than convinced that it is a skill which can be nurtured and sharpened, given the right triggers and exposure to stimulating environs & experiences.

An Inter-House Soft Board Decoration Competition was organized in the school on 8th July’17. The Houses were free to choose the theme. They would then be judged on content & presentation. This time round no teacher ventured in the rooms to guide or assist. For two hours the busy hands gave shape to their ideas, cutting, pasting, sketching and painting. What finally emerged blew me away, simply because the outcome was so unexpected!

Creativity had touched an all time high. The bar had been considerably raised. Our one year’s efforts in nurturing these kids were finally showing results. Children can surprise us with their ingenuity. We just underestimate their capabilities and potential. For me personally, the most heartwarming theme was “Kindness is the new global warming” depicting the continents in a kind of a group hug, with intertwined arms, flanked on all sides by virtues our world needs. Our Assemblies are bearing fruit!! And both staff and students are moving ahead with a shared vision.

Poonam Kochitty