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COGNITIO: Inter- School Quiz


On the 9th of October, Tata Motors in association with National HRD conducted an Inter-School Quiz 2018 COGNITIO at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School. This was the preliminary round and the school winners will participate in the Grand Finale at Indira Gandhi Pratishthan on the 16th of October. The Quiz Master Saud Usmani held the audience captive with his challenging questions, light hearted banter and his great sense of humour. He had the teams as well as the audience participating with full gusto.

A preliminary selection round which was a written round, shortlisted the top five teams for the Quiz round. The winners of the Quiz were Ankush Verma and Shivang Kaushal of Class IX. They will now represent the School in the City Finals on 16th of October.






Achieving Greater Feats


Achieving Greater Feats –A New Guinness Book World Record

The students of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School became a part of a historical event at the India International Science Festival organized in the city from 5th to 8th of October 2018 at Indira Gandhi Pratishthan. The event was to create a Guinness Book of World Records by attending a First Aid Training Lecture of ninety minutes duration. It was attended by 3540 students from 15 schools of Lucknow along with teachers, doctors and some delegates.

Earlier the largest first aid lesson consisted of 2,582 participants and had been achieved by Directorate of Emergency and Public Safety of Abu Dhabi Police (UAE), at the national theatre, in Abu Dhabi, UAE, on April 18, 2018. In this event, with the efforts of the students of Lucknow including our students a new record was set .

The workshop was conducted by Ms Shweta and her team from the Indian Red Cross Society. It was based on training the students about the actions that should be taken immediately in case of any emergency or accident, especially how to immobilize the patient in case of any bone injuries. The initial part of this training was conducted in the school itself on 3rd October 2018 which was concluded in the Indira Gandhi Pratishthan on 7th October 2018.

The program at IGP was Co-ordinated by Ms Aprajita Mehra and Mr Gopinath.Representatives of the Guinness World Record team from U.K. judged this event. The main objective behind the exercise was to ensure that maximum number of students were given first aid lessons so that the knowledge can reach far and wide and many more lives can be saved.

The whole auditorium was buzzing with excitement, yet the 90 minutes training was observed with complete discipline as it was strictly monitored by volunteers and all the teachers who were appointed as stewards for the event. After the training was over, Mr Gopinath and his team awarded the Guinness World Record certificate to Dr Harshwardhan, Union Minister for Science and Technology.

The program concluded with a speech by Dr Harshwardhan in which he encouraged the students to be a part of Green Good Deeds Campaign which aims towards the conservation of the Environment and the Energy resources.

It was indeed a proud moment for Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow to have been a part of this historical achievement that put India on the world map !!!









Robot “NAO”


“NAO” is a robot made by a Japanese Company “SOFT BANK ROBOTICS”.

NAO is an attractive humanoid robot –like Sofia which is designed to interact with visitors in any public place. It can speak more than 20 languages to communicate with anyone. It is completely programmable. It can sing and play some games like football, tennis, etc.

NAO was the star attraction at the DIDAC Exhibition in Pragati Maidan New Delhi from 5th to 8th October’18







SAJS Visits DIDAC India 2018


Student-Member Delegation of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School visits DIDAC India 2018 @Asia Pacific’s Largest Educational Conference


25+ Countries’ delegation, 18+ Workshop sessions, 15+ Conference conclaves, 15+ Robotics- IOT- AI global exhibitions…

A four member students’ delegation Prakhar Srivastava, MridulRastogi, Anurag Pathak, Krishna Tulsyanof Grades 9 & our Computer Teacher Mr.Sarman Singh from Seth Anandram Jaipuria witnessed the prestigious International Educational Conclave, ‘Didac India’ which was organized at New, Delhi from 4- 6 October.

This mega exhibition of the latest trends in education & technological niche served as a momentous thread for the student attendees to broaden their global overview on STEM and Advanced Technologies.Over the 3 days of this global extravaganza, Jaipurians explored various experimental learning models and participated in theawestruck Robotics & AI workshops. Cognitive models and intriguing web & android applications emerged as the key fancy among the kids; the usage of which embarks on the ‘Future of Education’ anthem. These models were thoroughly based on interactive learning spaces which were magnanimously applauded by the students.

DIDAC INDIA witnessed the presence of thousands of quality exhibitors from various sectors and segments of the education and training industry and government bodies from over 25 countries.

Japanese Robot ‘NAO’ emerged as a grand spectacle for the kids. It is an autonomous, programmable humanoid robot has been used for research and education purposes worldwide. Another spectacular demonstration was that from the educational enthusiasts of the ‘makeblock’ community from Japan. The ‘mBOT’ by makeblock was an educational robot kit for children aiding in studying and coding which became yet another enthralling tech-wonder!

Other major showcases were those of the ‘airblock’ and ‘codey rocky’ bots. While the drone counterpart ‘airblock’ display was captivating owing to it’s innate modular and programmable flying robot nature; the other bot ‘codey rocky’ was a fun-filled & stirring illustration.

The software and web applications namely ‘mBlock 5’, which supports block-based and text-based programming allowing users to freely create games and animations, and to program were well introduced to the kids.

The demonstration of the scientific equipment ‘Telescope’ was another major highlight.

This global educational & technological conclave even gave the rewarding opportunity to students to interact with the global speakers and professionals of cutting edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things from all over the globe.








Experiential Learning


The Pre-Primary children are fascinated with animals, huge animals like the giraffe or an elephant down to the very small creatures like insects and lizards. The Nursery teacher Mrs. Anjana Tiwari took the initiative of nurturing a caterpillar she had caught. On the 3rd of October she bought it to the school so that the children could have a closer look, see it eating the leaves and crawling. Not only were the kids excited as they have already read the story “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” but even the teachers were amazed and intrigued by this fat well fed creature that will soon transform into a delicate colorful butterfly.



On 2nd of October our very little ones of Grades I and II assembled in school for their very first Skype lesson. It was a story telling session by the renowned author Sarah Aronson from Chicago, USA. The teachers and the children excitedly tuned in at 9:30 in the morning. Sarah began her story telling after a quick chat with the children. She read out two of her books “The Wish List – The Worst Fairy Godmother Ever!”

The Second book “Just Like Rube Goldberg” interested the children more especially when she asked the children to give her some crazy ideas. She told the children that some of the things she does regularly are reading, drawing, and jotting ideas so that she can refer to them later. She also said that some of her story writer friends get together and share ideas. On being asked by one of our kid’s who the illustrator of her book was – she said “Heather” from the UK whom she had never met.

She gave a very valuable tip to the children saying that they must have three things not only to be a writer but in whatever they do.

Kindness, determination and gusto. She acted out the meaning of gusto- excitement, energy and confidence for whatever they wanted to do.

She concluded by telling the children that she was initially a physio therapist but took to writing stories when someone dared her to do it.

She invited the children to write and mail their stories to her. Everybody thanked her and waved goodbye.


Super Chef- Nutty Affair


The Super Chef activity “Nutty Affair” was conducted for the Pre-Primary children on 26th September’18. They were eager to make a cake on their own. The cake had ingredients like biscuits, nuts, milkmaid, sugar, cocoa powder and tuttifrutti.

The children learned how to roll and crush the biscuits into crumbs and then mixed and flattened it. A poem related to same theme was sung- ‘Pat a cake, pat a cake bakersman….

Finally they enjoyed eating this scrumptious delight.







Young Sculptors


On 28th September the Pre-Primary students were transported to a village complete with huts, clay pots and a potter busy with his craft. They had a wonderful hands-on learning experience as they learnt the art of moulding clay on an electric pottery wheel with the help of a potter.

The children enthusiastically waited for their turn to mould the clay with their tiny hands.

Every child was really thrilled to experience this activity that had a village backdrop and traditional folk music playing in the background. They learnt about potter, pottery wheel, potter’s clay, mud, press, moulding, shaping, etc.

It was a day well spent and it’s truly said that, “Sometimes its good to get your hands dirty.






Winners of Hindi Olympiad


This year for the first time our students participated in a Hindi Olympiad organized by Hindi Vikas Sansthan. It was a pleasant surprise for us when we received a mail from Hindi Vikas Sansthan that Aradhya Mishra of Class I of our School had been declared as the National Winner in her group. The awards ceremony was held at Teen Murti Bhawan New Delhi on 13th September which was attended by this bright child and her class teacher Ms. Nidhi Sarin and her mother. Congratulations to the parents and Aradhya!

Other winners from our school in the Hindi Olympiad are –

  • Sanskar Singh –      VI who won a Gold medal
  • Sonal Katiyar –         VIII B –  silver medal
  • Krishna Tulsyan –  IX B – bronze medal

Congratulations to all the prize winning children.






Teaching Excellence Awards 2018


Teaching Excellence Awards 2018 by my CBSE is an initiative by My CBSE guide to recognize and reward Teachers for exceptional devotion and dedication towards their profession.

A total of more than thousand nominations were received by the organization for which 140 Award winners were declared. It’s a proud moment for Seth Anandram Jaipuria School,Lucknow to announce that three of our teachers Mrs.Reetu Pandey (IT Expert), Mr.Anubhav Singh (Music Teacher) and Mr.Pankaj Rathore (Coordinator) are the only winners from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh for their exceptional work in education and technology. Online results were declared on 5th September’18 on the occasion of Teacher’s Day.