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2nd International Integrated Global Citizenship Education Workshop for Educators


GCED-2nd International Integrated Global Citizenship Education Workshop for Educators- 11th to 13th July

A three days workshop by GCED was organized at Ahlcon International School and attended by Poonam Kochitty(Principal), Priyanka Khanna and Sangeeta Batra teachers of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow. The workshop aimed to build the capacity of dynamic educators and school leaders to help develop attitudes and behaviors to contextualize, design, develop, embed and advance global citizenship into the school culture and curriculum. Whilst the world may have shrunk and become more interconnected, human rights violations, inequality and poverty still threaten the peace and sustainability.

GCED is UNESCO’s response to these challenges. The various eminent speakers from diverse fields spoke about the importance of Global Citizenship and the role of educators in shaping creative, responsible and global citizens.

To be Glocal is the message each participant carried with themselves after three days of engaging and empowering sessions.

Seth Anandram Jaipuria Lucknow earns A Guinness Book World Record


Achieving Greater Feats – Seth Anandram Jaipuria Lucknow earns A Guinness Book World Record

It was a proud moment today when the students of Seth Andaram Jaipuria became the proud recipients of the Guinness World Record. Late last year,the students of our School became a part of a historical event at the India International Science Festival organized in the city of Lucknow from 5th to 8th of October 2018 at Indira Gandhi Pratishthan. The event was to create a Guinness Book of World Records by attending a First Aid Training Lecture of ninety minutes duration. It was attended by 3540 students from 15 schools of Lucknow along with teachers, doctors and some delegates. Earlier the largest first aid lesson consisted of 2,582 participants and had been achieved by Directorate of Emergency and Public Safety of Abu Dhabi Police (UAE), at the national theatre, in Abu Dhabi, UAE, on April 18, 2018. In this event, with the efforts of the students of Lucknow, including our students a new world record was set. The workshop was conducted by Ms Shweta and her team from the Indian Red Cross Society. It was based on training the students about the actions that should be taken immediately in case of any emergency or accident, especially how to immobilize the patient in case of any bone injuries. The initial part of this training was conducted in the school itself on 3rd October 2018 which was concluded in the Indira Gandhi Pratishthan on 7th October2018. The program at IGP was Co-ordinated by Ms Aprajita Mehra and Mr Gopinath. Representatives of the Guinness World Record team from U.K. judged this event. The main objective behind the exercise was to ensure that maximum number of students were given first aid lessons so that the knowledge can reach far and wide and many more lives can be saved. The whole auditorium was buzzing with excitement, yet the 90 minutes training was observed with complete discipline as it was strictly monitored by volunteers and all the teachers who were appointed as stewards for the event. After the training was over, Mr Gopinath and his team awarded the Guinness World Record certificate to Dr Harshwardhan, Union Minister for Science and Technology. The program concluded with a speech by Dr Harshwardhan in which he encouraged the students to be a part of Green Good Deeds Campaign which aims towards the conservation of the Environment and the Energy resources. It was indeed a proud moment for Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow to have been a part of this historical achievement that put India on the world map !!!

Summer “Coolers”- Beat the heat


The only thing that gives respite from scorching heat is a glassful of chilled beverage. That’s why healthy summer coolers score high as they are refreshing, energy boosting and healthy too.

The Pre-primary wing of Seth Anandram Jaipuria school made healthy “summer coolers” as a part of their “Super Chef” activity on 15th of July 2019.

Pre-Nursery opted for “Mango shake” and the children with their tiny hands worked hard while preparing the drink.

Nursery students made “Tangy Lemonade”. They squeezed lemons, crushed mint leaves and stirred in sugar and salt for a perfect taste of sweet, salty and tangy lemonade.

The KG students preferred “Mojito” and were encouraged to work in a team and prepare this drink. They learnt words like pouring, mixing, blending, squeezing, sieve, delicious, tangy, sweet and also improved their fine motor skills.



Adobe School Leaders Summit and Awards 2019


On 10th and 11th July four of the teachers from Seth Anandram Jaipuria School LucknowMr. Pankaj Rathore (Headmaster & TGT Science), Mrs Reetu Pandey (IT Head), Mr. Anubhav Singh (Music teacher) and Mr. Yogesh Pandey (P.E.T) participated in the Adobe Spark Pan-India Contest. Earlier the participants had to create a web page, a video or a presentation on-

  • Creativity & Innovation
  • Creativity & Diversity
  • Creativity & Communication
  • Creativity & Collaboration

All four had qualified for the finals. In all 150 finalists competed in the Finals at Adobe office, Greater Noida & only 50 winners would be declared.

It was a proud moment when all four teachers were declared winners in the finals. They won “Adobe Creative Ambassador” Certificates, mementos and prizes in the Adobe School Leaders Summit and Awards 2019.




National Green Mentors Conference


Seth Anandram Jaipuria School (Lucknow) bags prestigious award of ‘INSPIRING CLIMATE SCHOOL’


Lucknow: 3rdJuly, 2019: It is a major achievement for the school to win award in this category at National Green Mentors Conference-2019 held in Ahmedabad, Gujarat organized by Green Mentoring & Solutions Pvt.Ltd. It is a moment of proud for Jaipurians, to be awarded with the honor of “The Inspiring Climate School Award-2019”. The agenda was to promote the spirit of sustainability through Education across the world.

The felicitation took place in the Karnavati University, Ahmedabad. The Conference brought together masters and engaging progressive thinkers, influencers from the industry. Some inspiring keynote speakers were Shri. BhupendrasinhChudasama, Honourable Minister of Education, Gujarat, Ms. Rekha – Head, Green Schools Hyderabad, Mr. Pravinsinh Solanki – Senior Professor National Institute of Design and Ms. Gayatri Raghwa – Education Consultant UN Environment, New Delhi

The concern over the changing climatic conditions was raised by all the speakers and some best practices and leading-edge ideas of how schools can reduce their impact on natural systems through conserving resources and support local ecology were talked about. Overall the event urged audience to conserve environment resources and promote education as it’s the young mind which will be our future.

National Green Mentors Conference-2019 is only United Nation SDG inspired academic Conference that brings together all the players involved in making Green Schools and Universities reality in India. The Conference offers inspiring keynote speakers, informative workshops and breakout sessions, symposium, hands-on presentation, roundtable discussion, poster presentation, bright spot and the chance to network with colleagues from across the Country. The Conference also offers engaging educational sessions, case studies, lectures from today’s green school experts and the chance to network with colleagues from across the Country.



Assembly Report- Guest Speaker – Ms. Surabhi Sehgal


How often do School kids get the opportunity to meet in person, a food stylist, recipe developer, chef, photographer, food blogger & traveller all rolled into one? Well the students of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School Lucknow were fortunate enough to meet one such person – Ms. Surabhi Sehgal. She was based in Dubai and has very recently moved to India. She works extensively on Instagram and has endorsed many products on her Instagram handle (Su paints on plates).

She conducted an interactive session, wherein she spoke about her personal journey and how she dabbled in many a profession before she finally found her creative calling in styling food. She told the students about making a diligent and consistent effort in the pursuit of their passion. She spoke about how she created a niche for herself in the world of food stylists on Instagram by using natural colours of the various ingredients to enhance the aesthetic appeal of her food.

She told the students how it is important for them to be aware of their calling and be willing to pour their heart and soul into it. She also spoke about the responsible use of various social media sites to not only be connected socially with friends but also to use it as a device to achieve their professional goals.

 She emphasized on the use of colour, light and food props which are commonly used in styling food to give an insight to the students about how the scope of this industry has grown phenomenally. The students enjoyed the session thoroughly and were mesmerized with the pictures of the food that were displayed.






Four teachers of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School Lucknow attended a webinar ‘Adobe Creative Experiences’ during the holidays. They then participated in a pan India Contest organized by Adobe in which they had to either design a web page, make a video or a presentation on any one theme

  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Creativity and diversity
  • Creativity and Communication
  • Creativity and Collaboration

All 4 teachers, Mr Pankaj Rathore Headmaster,MsReetu Pandey, IT Head, Mr Yogesh Pandey Sports teacher and Mr Anubhav Singh Music teacher have qualified for the finals to be held in Delhi this month.

-We wish them good luck for the Finals.




“Every teacher can teach better, and high quality instruction impacts student learning”

Seth AnandramJaipuria School, Lucknow strongly believes in the ethos of constant professional growth of their teachers. In the fast-changing dynamics of this teaching learning equation, very often the learner feels left out. To bridge this gap and to make learning more effective, a workshop on ‘Active Learning ‘was conducted on 30th June, by Ms. Mamta Kapoor, a free-lance trainer and expert in the field of education. The highly engaging, interactive session gave great insights to the teachers about new teaching methodologies, where learners take charge of their learning and optimize their learning experience. The training session proved to be of great significance and importance as teachers learnt skills to make their teaching more student centric and efficient.

Staff Bonding


“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

The staff of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow, enjoyed a fun filled and memorable lunch on 23rd May,2019.The lunch was aimed at relaxation, team building and generally allowing everyone to let their hair down after a grueling session . Both male and lady staff, rolled up their sleeves and entered the kitchen to cook for themselves and the support staff.

Together, the teachers chopped vegetables, cut salad, cooked chole and made parathas with dripping ghee! The menu was delectable and full of flavours of love. There was chole, paratha, pulao, raita, salad and sweets. Lunch was served to the support staff to show appreciation for these silent workers.

Music set the tone for the lunch party. Teachers broke loose and sang foot tapping numbers together. Mr. Amit, the dance teacher, gave a tandav dance performance. Ms. Preeti sang a soulful ghazal. Mr. Sunny and Mr. Anubhav enthralled everyone with their melodious numbers. Mr. Yogesh transported the audience to the mountains by singing a few Garhwali songs. Ms. Surbhi gave a nostalgic feel with her song ‘Pal’. Ms. Shikha entertained by translating Hindi songs to Sanskrit and asked the audience to guess the song. Ms. Anuradha showed her talent of mimicry by imitating popular bollywood celebrities. Ms. Niti gave goosebumps with her song ‘My Heart Will Go On’.

Ms. Poonam Kochitty, Principal, appreciated the efforts and the team spirit. The memories of the lunch party will enable the staff to work together with the spirit of oneness.The teachers went home with happy faces and a big smile. This was a perfect way to sign off for the summer vacations. Hakuna Matata!




Summer Camp: Session 2019-20


Summer Camp: Session 2019-20

Date: 16th May – 21st May

“The tan will fade but the memories will last forever”

To beat the heat and make learning fun, Seth Anandram Jaipuria School organised a summer camp in the school campus from May 16 to May 21, 2019.Summers are always associated with holidays, travel, fun and relaxation. But it is also a time to engage in different activities. A summer camp offers a structured opportunity for children to grow.  Children learn new skills, spend time on nurturing their hobbies and in the process learn to become independent and self-confident. They socialize, make new friends and spend their free time constructively.

Pre-primary students enjoyed their summer camp, where a lot of learning happened through play.They participated in many activities such as Science is FunCooking without FireDanceSkatingArt &Creativity and many more.They enjoyed each day with great zeal. The Little Jaipurians experienced many things which they could transfer to their real life.

In the Primary Wing several interesting activities were taken up like Zumba, Retro Dance, Painting, Cooking, IT/Robotics and Skating. The students were also introduced to the ‘Hospitality’ sector through‘Beyond the Classroom’ session. The students enjoyed a lot while they danced their hearts out to the tunes of several foot tapping songs. The students also learnt the art of cooking and creative presentation of dishes.  They played with colours to create wonderful, and that gave wings to their creativity and imagination. Lastly, they were introduced to the art of coding through an IT session where they learnt Minecraft. Some of the students pursued their interests in the field of Robotics and had fun while doing the given project.

 There were various activities in the senior group that the students opted for i.e. Keyboard, Cooking, Robotics, Football, Film-making, Dance, Volleyball and Taekwondo. The children were excited to learn new things. They made various dishes in cooking like eggless cake, a variety of shortbread biscuits (Nankhatai), aampana,  and bread pizza. In volleyball they were trained to do under arm pass, rotation and positioning during the game. In football they enjoyed learning push pass, dribbling with ball, positioning of the player, goal keeping and high drive. In Taekwondo students not only learnt the benefits but also learnt head defense, double punch front kick, round house kick, combination drills with front kick and with round house kick. In Film making the students acquired knowledge about the 3 stages of Film making. They also learnt to operate a professional DSLR camera and all the functions in details and how to make a short film and click professional pictures. The activity of dance saw the students tapping their foots on Indian and Western music. The students were also taught about the history of waacking and the new style of dancing. In robotics the students were enabled to make home automation theatre called smart home/smart house. They also learnt to make controlled robot using NODEMCU and ESP8266.

Our mentor and motivator, Ms. Poonam  Kochitty, Principal, appreciated the enthusiasm and zeal with which students and teachers were involved in all the activities.

 Until next summers- Au revoir!