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Biodiversity Festival at The Regional Science Centre


20th May’19, was a Red Letter Day for the students of SAJS Lucknow and the hot and dry summer morning did not in any way dampen the enthusiasm of the participants who went to The Regional Science Centre to participate in various competitions and enriching sessions. As part of the ‘Biodiversity Festival’ from 17th to 20th May’19, children from various schools of the city participated in a plethora of competitions. The Regional Science Centre is the first stepping stone for bringing the enjoyment of interactive science learning to the city of Lucknow.

Dr. Neelima, who was invited as a guest lecturer from Lucknow University explained the term biodiversity and told the children about the importance of medicinal plants. She emphasized on having a balanced diet and said that we should not only include all the food groups in our meal but should also take care of the nutrient requirement as well.

The Chief Guest Dr.Padma, an entomologist, informed the children about the role of honey bees as significant pollinators. She encouraged the children to take up kitchen gardening as a hobby for the summer break. She brought to the notice of the audience that not only animals but even plants are getting extinct and gave examples of Pine Nuts, Mulberry etc.

Students of classes 4th to 10th also attended a session on Robotics and 3D Printing organized by the Innovation Hub at the Regional Science Centre. The basics were discussed and the children of class 4th to 6th were given Lego kits to make a car. The senior children were informed about the “Sketchup software” which is used to create models on the 3D printer.

The themes for the competition were-

Poster Making-Agricultural Biodiversity, Rangoli Making– Economically important plants and animals in daily life, Power Point Presentation-Biodiversity for food and health.

Our students stole the show and walked away with most of the prizesThe prizes won by them in various categories are as follows-

Devansh Agarwal X A 3rd in poster making
Dhruv Dhasmana VII A Consolation prize in poster making( Group A).
Amjad Haider XB Consolation prize in poster making( Group B)
Harshita Singh IX A 3rd in Rangoli Making
Devaansh Agarwal VII A 1st in quiz( Group A)
Krishna Tulsyan XB 1st in quiz( Group B)
Sarthak Verma VII B 1st prize in Power Point Presentation (Group B)
Prashansa Tandon VIII B 2nd prize in Power Point Presentation (Group B)
Ansh Yadav VIII A 3rd in Power Point Presentation (Group B)




Fire Safety Drill


Fire Safety Drill

To educate and train the students for an unforeseen emergency situation like fire, a demonstration on fire safety was conducted by Mr Sohail, the manager at Universal Enterprises for the boarders at the school premises on 5th May, 2019. The objective of the exercise was to create awareness among the students and the staff about fire fighting techniques and the ways to respond swiftly in times of such emergency situations

Mock safety drills and safety procedures to be adopted were explained to the students and staff members. A mock drill was also conducted on the use of fire extinguishers by Mr Sohail.

Yoga & Meditation session



A yoga session was held on 14th April 2019 in the assembly hall for the boarders. The session was conducted by Mr Jay Tripathi,the founder of Moksha Yoga and wellness centre, Ansal Plaza, Lucknow.

The boarders learnt the deeper aspects of Yoga, Mudras, Pranayama and meditation.Mr Jay Tripathi described the ways in which one should practice Yoga starting from physical posture involving the control of the sense organs to the mental equipoise to be attained.

In the first half of the session, the students learnt the meditation techniques. In the second half of the session the students performed various techniques of Asanas .Moreover the students explored the ways to relieve stress and the importance of Yoga in their day to day life.

The Yoga session had indelible and enduring impacts on the minds of the students.

Mother’s Day Fancy Dress Competition


To engage mothers with the school, a fancy-dress competition was organised on 14th May 2019 on Mother’s Day.

The mothers had to be creative and dress up as anyone or anything. They had to take to the stage and introduce themselves in one minute.

The programme started with the lighting of the lamp by the Principal Mrs. Poonam Kochitty, Coordinator Mr. Pankaj Rathore and the Headmistress Mrs. Monika Taneja. Later a beautiful rendition on mothers was presented by the music teachers of the school.

The mothers were dressed according to the categories-c Creative Outfit, Funniest Outfit, Scariest Outfit, Best Dressed and Best Idea. All the mothers were judged on the basis of selection of character, creativity of the costume, dialogue delivery and expression, and overall presentation.

The winners for the best dressed category:

  • The first position was bagged by Major Soumita Ganguly, mother of Shreya Ganguly of II A who was dressed as the “Nawab ki begum”
  • Second position was bagged by Mrs Vandana Singh, mother of Virika Singh, a student of IV B was dressed as a Queen. She felt that every woman, mother, wife, sister and daughter want to be treated as a queen.

The winner for the Scariest Outfit was Mrs. Kanika Lamba, mother of Advik Choudhary of I A was dressed as a spider lady.

The winner of the Funniest Outfit was Mrs. Upma Singh, mother of Adhip of V B and Ahan III A was dressed as a Santa Claus.

The winner of the most Creative Outfit was Mrs. Shubhangi, mother of Spandan Srivastava of I AWho in acted the role of a Wicked Witch

The winner of the Best Innovative Idea was Mrs. Savita Sharma, mother of Aryan Sharma of I A who was dressed the Ganga River




Hindi Elocution


Catch for the Day


My dear one Waniya Ayah Khan of Class Nursery really enjoys coming to school, the reason being several activities organized by the school. Activities like “Catch for the day” help students to learn about new things in a fun way. This activity was a creative way of letting students and their mothers spend quality time together on a hot summer day. The school really puts in the efforts to organize events which make the parenting bond stronger and brings students as well as their parents out of their shell. I personally have never experienced this in any other school before. The school team encourages mothers to participate in such events, which brings back their childhood. I being anintrovert never opened up in public or discovered my hidden talent of dancing. After becoming a mother we almost forget our inner self. We start living for others and fulfilling our responsibilities. We don’t have time for ourselves to enjoy with our kids. These are some memories created by the School which will be with me forever. I as a mother, really thank the school for such a beautiful morning.

Shaheda Farhan

M/o Waniya Ayah Khan







Saturday 11th May saw one of the most exciting activities we have ever had with the Pre-Primary. We at Jaipuria believe in experiential learning as well as in parental engagement. An innovative activity “Catch for the day” was organized to create some fun and excitement for both the kids and mothers. Summer season means happy times and holidays to different locations. We chose to give the kids a taste of coastal India. “Fisherman and Fisherwoman of different coastal areas” was the theme. The day started with the mothers and pre-primary children being welcomed by their class teachers. They were then formally welcomed by the Headmistress Mrs.Monika and Principal Mrs.PoonamKochitty. The children looked adorable in their creative costumes. A Garland Making Competition was held in which mothers with their little ones had to make a garland with Marigold flowers, Ashoka leaves & Daisy flowers within a time limit. Next activity was “Catching the fish” using magnetic fishing rods. Coconut water, Bhelpuri and ice-cream stalls were also set up to re-create the beach side. The children got tattoos of coastal animals painted on their hands along with their mothers. The mothers danced with their little ones to the tunes of Maharashtrian and other Folk music and walked the ramp.

Finally they posed for selfies at the selfie corner comprising of the ocean, a boat and fishing nets as props to enhance the effect. The children learnt about coastal regions and fishing as an occupation, the dress that fishermen and women wear. The participating mothers also had a blast. They expressed their delight and gratitude to the school for giving them such a joyful fun-filled morning with the kids.

Mera Bharat Swarnim Bharat


All India Exhibition Bus Campaign

‘Mera Bharat Swarnim Bharat’ bus yatra which started in the year 2017, took a halt at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School on 11th May’ 19. The aim of this campaign is to ignite the youth to achieve a glorious India through seminars and lectures in schools and colleges and mobile exhibitions and road rallies for the general public.

In association with a team from the ‘Brahma Kumaris’ the session organised in the school was for the students of classes 8th to 10th . The resource person Mr. Vibhor encouraged the children to discover the Hero within themselves and put forth three strategies for the same-Cleanliness, Positivity and Meditation. He said that since our mind is like an ocean and thoughts keep coming in likes the waves, therefore we should only focus on positive thoughts. He emphasised on the power of visualization and said that the dreams that we see with open eyes always come true.

He stated that we should happily accept the role given to us by the almighty and not complain of the situations and circumstances that we face in our real-life.

The children took a pledge of being truthful and respectful towards women. They also promised to keep the nation clean and work for strengthening the unity and integrity of the nation.

We convey our sincere thanks to the mother of Tanmay Srivastava, Ms. Rakhi Srivastava for all her efforts in arranging this informative session.

Voting Activity – Pre-Primary


Elect to Select

Just prior to the Election date of 7th May, the Pre – Primary kids were given an activity based lesson on democracy, citizenship and voting. They made hand cut outs with ink mark on the index finger. This was their take away to send a message to their parents to remember their duty to vote. The little ones also went around from class to class asking all to convey the same message to their family members The young Jaipurians were asked to pick their favorite color chits from one box and drop it in the other box. This activity helped them to understand the election procedure in a simple way and at an early age. They also motivated teachers and other staff members to vote, and went around with a slogan ‘Shape Tomorrow by Voting Today’.

This was a great lesson on responsible citizen ship.

Innovative Teacher of the Year Award


IEA Award 2019

Mr. Pankaj Rathore of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow has added another feather to his cap and made us proud by winning “Innovative Teacher of the Year” Award on Saturday 4th May ’19 at Hotel Radisson Blu New Delhi.