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Jaipuria Wins Gold Certificate


Actions backed by good intentions often lead to great results. Little did we know that the e-waste awareness activities that we have conducted in school will lead us to winning a Gold Certificate by the organization, ‘Karo Sambhav’.

The award ceremony was held at Kunwar’s Global School on 6th February’19 where children and teachers from other schools of the city were also invited. It was an honour to receive the award from Ms.Pooja Agarwal, Educationist and Entrepreneur, Pro-Chancellor SRMU, Dean SRMCEM. Ms. Agarwal in her speech clearly stated that we humans do not look for solutions to problems till we realize that it is our problem. She insisted that the children should be a force of change makers who creatively look for solutions to the prevailing environmental problems.

As the children shared their experiences of the e-waste management activities organized in their school, the Karo Sambhav team was happy to know the endeavors put in by the teachers and the school management to get children into mindful thinking and reiterating the concept of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repair.




Morning Assembly


Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow

Morning Assembly

Date:February 5,2019

Topic : Does God have a gender?


Continuing with our recent Assemblies on “Gender Equality”, Devansh (IX), Manya (VIII) and Shubhanshi (VIII) conducted an assembly on 5th February’19 beginning   with a discussion about Gender Equality which is SDG-5. They shared and discussed the meaning that is equal ease of access to resources and opportunities regardless of gender. This was followed by a video which reiterated that God is gender neutral. Devang(VIII) spoke about male specie being the Alpha species and the dominant one. That is one of the reasons why we address God as ‘He’. Manya discussed about “Ardhnarishwar” and the story of Rishi Bhrigni. It is a woman who gives a man his identity and takes no credit for it.

Principal, Ms. Poonam Kochitty, touched upon the sensitive topic of Transgenders. She spoke about how they are treated in our society and discriminated. She reminded everyone that they did not choose to be the way they are and deserve to be accepted and respected. She further added that we all need to appreciate differences. She also discussed about LGBT and their rights. She said that we need to be more open minded and accept other people’s preferences. We are no one to pass judgment on anyone and need to change our attitude.

It was a thought provoking assembly which sparked in the children the need to question existing attitudes & perceptions. questioning existing attitudes and perceptions.




Karo Sambhav


On the 30th and  31st of January’19, the students of Seth Anandram Jaipuria School engaged in a whole school activity, brainstorming on real world problems related to E waste. Different classes engaged in different activities and the school was abuzz with excited discussions, hands on activities, viewing videos and expressing opinions, making robots from e-waste and many more. An overall awareness about this menace resulted and the report will be shared with ‘Karo Sambhav’ that suggested this initiative. It is an organization that finds inclusive, sustainable, scalable and transparent solutions for e-waste handling in India and our school joined hands with them in taking this awareness forward.

Rapid economic growth, coupled with urbanization and a growing demand for consumer goods, has increased both the consumption and the production of electronic gadgets across the globe. As these goods are being treated as disposable items more and more every day, there is a whooping rise in the percentage of e-waste being generated.  E-waste is the term used to describe old, end-of-life electronic appliances such as computers, laptops, TVs, DVD players, mobile phones, mp3 players, etc., which have been disposed by their original users.

The objective of the whole school activity was to make the students understand the importance of responsible consumption and production, the need to reduce, reuse and recycle and to bring to light the toxicity levels in various electronic gadgets.


The following activities were taken up by different classes-

 Class Nursey-Reused the old and damaged CDs to make diyas for Diwali
 Class KG-Reused the damaged CDs to make a clock.
 Class I– Video on – What is E-Waste/ Identifying and Colouring e-waste worksheet was done post a class discussion.
 Class II– Video on – What is E-Waste management and Journey of garbage/ Landfill picture analysis and class discussion –
 Class III– Audio on “Environmentalists teach Dos and Don’ts of e-waste. Group activity-Children had discussions on e-waste management/Mind maps were made. Vocabulary like- dumping ground, smoldering, wasteland etc were discussed
 Class IVA– Word Search-The children did a puzzle worksheet on words related to e-waste like refurbish, landfill, etc.
 Class IVB-PowerPoint on, ‘Why is the computer considered toxic’
 Class VA-Poster-making was taken up by the students to spread the awareness on e-waste management.
 Class VB-3D Paint Software was used by the children to make drawings on e-waste management.
 Class VI-The children were shown a video on e-waste management. They designed robots using e-waste.
 Class VIIA-The students used multiplication/division/averages to estimate the e waste in their community and learnt about electronics recycling.
 Class VIIIB-Through research the students learnt about the materials used in the modern day electronics and the need to recycle them.
 Class IXA/B-Video on children being employed at waste segregation sites/carcinogenic materials in electronics followed by a brainstorming session.
 According to statistics, India has emerged as the world’s second largest mobile market and the fifth largest producer of e-waste in the world; discarding roughly 18.5lakh tons of electronic waste last year. With numbers growing at an alarming rate, we hope that such initiatives at school level will help in building responsible citizens who are empathetic and future sensitive.




Children Must be Taught ‘How‘ to Think not ‘What’ to Think


The Primary assembly on 4th February was a learning experience for each one of us, students and teachers alike. Our little star Sayuri Kadian of grade 1 wowed the audience with her spectacular assembly presentation on ‘Do unicorns really exist?’

She independently made a presentation using “Sway” and began with questions as to how many of them believed that unicorns are for real.  This was followed by a series of slides on unicorns and a few facts related to the same. She also talked about other one horned creatures like the narwhal and Indian rhinoceros which made everyone wonder whether unicorns did exist at some point of time or not. The session was interesting and interactive. Sayuri asked simple questions to the audience to which they responded actively. The assembly concluded with fun a video song ‘unicorn walking on the rainbow’.

The fact that children are great imitators and they learn by seeing was distinctly exhibited in Sayuri’s presentation, which she conducted independently and confidently. It was quite a reflection of the school’s culture that considers morning assembly an integral positive start to the day.

This effortless assembly presentation by Sayuri was not just a boost to her confidence but was also a source of encouragement for others to build on their potential. Her presentation throws light on the fact that earning is an on-going process and a young student can be a great teacher too.







Poetry – The voice of my heart


The poem “Darkness” depicts the positive side of darkness and how darkness can be our best friend. Darkness is the best keeper of secrets and never laughs at our situation. In today’s world people run after fame and glory or strive to be in the lime light but there are people facing problems and living in a dark and gloomy world.

To me darkness is a friend and this is what I have tried to express through my poem “Darkness”.



Everyone loves the glow of light

While I like darkness, which embraces the night

She is the one who wipes my cheeks dry

She stands out distinctive, silent and shy

She is the one who shares my failures and pain

She taught me to be humble, instead of vain

She strokes my cheeks and whispers in my ears

Her mere presence drains away my fears

How much I enjoy her silent company.

Her glamour rises and falls in perfect symphony.

She is the cause of sleep, the owner of night.

I hail thee darkness, the sister of light.









Adina Khan

Class IX-A






Super Chef Activity-“Hot Chocolate Treat”


Chocolate is a sinful pleasure for children and adults alike. Chocolate is good in all forms and nothing to beat hot chocolate on a wintery day.A Super Chef activity “Hot Chocolate Treat” was conducted by Pre Primary on 30 January 2019. The children learnt to make hot chocolate shakes with Chocolate syrup, chocolate shavings, gems, oreo biscuits, fine sugar and milk.During the activity children learnt words like crushing, shaving, pouring, blending, sprinkling and serving. They learnt self help skills by learning to prepare this chocolaty delight.






Blogbait – Stress Management


Here’s what I gained from the PM’s address to the students recently.

To overcome exam stress students should focus on improving their skills and knowledge. They must give attention to one’s own qualities by adopting innovative tools such as Digital Learning. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his address had mentioned that focus should be on time management and on chasing one’s dreams. Teaching skills should be simple, attractive and innovative. Exams are important in life but one should not be stressed by it. Anything that challenges us, polishes us too. Our PM also requested parents not to force children to “fulfill” their “unfulfilled” dreams. Children too must perceive parent’s expectations positively. One should always be self-motivated.







Shubhangi Singh


Blogbait – Pariksha Pe Charcha 2.0


‘Courage doesn’t mean you don’t become afraid. Courage just means you don’t let your fear stop you.’

Ahead of the exams, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with 2000 students, parents and teachers as part of “Pariksha Pe Charcha 2.0” in Delhi on 29th January ’19. It was a wonderful session. He shared some tips on parenting as well as how students should move forward in life with clarity and leave the fear of exams behind because life is so much more than marks which we run after. He advised students that the main aim of education should be to gain knowledge as much as possible and chase our passion. Then we won’t have to run after marks, marks will follow us.

He mentioned about the pressure parents put on children and compare them with others which totally demotivates them as each child has different potential and interest.

Through this point he made us face the reality of how children grow older and tend to disconnect from parents and connect to social media and games instead. How can parents bridge this gap and become closer to them? Parents should involve them into technology and engage with them personally.

In the end he told children that examinations are not to be feared. What matters is how we deal with them. We need to live our life and acquire knowledge and this applies for parents and teachers as well, to choose their passion first. He concluded the event by saying, ‘An examination should be viewed as an opportunity not a life changing event’ and showered his good wishes on all.







Ananya Tripathi




The dull, cloudy skies that had been threatening to rain, lifted when the Tri colour was unfurled at Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow on 26th January on the occasion of India’s 70th Republic Day celebrations. The premises reverberated with the National Anthem. The little ones of the Pre Primary stole everyone’s heart as they recited the poems ‘Dekho Bachon Jhanda Pyara’ and ‘Kaun Karega Desh Ki Sewa’, reassuring us that the nation has a bright future. The audience was teary eyed when the students of classes three, four and five danced to the tunes of a medley of patriotic songs. The students’ tribute to their motherland through their re-creation of the song ‘Ae Watan’ was heart rending. Another performance that touched everyone was the recitation of a Hindi poem ‘Aaj Tiranga Lehrata Hai Apni Poori Shaan Se’, recited by the students of class VII A and B. It took the audience down memory lane and reminded everyone of the supreme sacrifice made by our freedom fighters. Surayansh Pratap Singh’ of Class VIII A gave a short speech on the relevance of Republic Day reminding one and all of their duties and responsibilities towards their nation. The celebrations ended on an inspirational note when our Principal, Mrs. Poonam Kochitty reminded the students that the Republic Day has great relevance and  everone needs to understand the laws laid down in the constitution. It is day to remind ourselves that as  citizens of a great nation we should not just be aware of our rights but become more conscious of respecting rules and performing our duties with sincerity. She said that it is very important for the children to grab opportunities, choose what they love and work hard to excel in it. If the children are engaged in constructive activities and choose their path with care, they will be able to steer the nation in the right direction.










School Stars Leadership Award for Excellence in Co-curricular Education


School Stars Leadership Awards for Excellence in Co-curricular Education were conferred on exceptional Schools & School Leaders across the country on 24th January’19 at New Delhi.

These awards were aimed at felicitating and celebrating the invaluable contributions of select schools in promoting and championing Co-curricular Education.

The Founders of School Stars are convinced that today a wide spectrum of unconventional choices have opened up. The new generation is boldly choosing to be musicians, writers, actors, painters, news anchors, radio jockeys and so on.

It is important that children are provided with opportunities to hone their talents and schools must provide a nurturing environment that goes beyond focus merely on academics. Nearly hundred Principals were honoured by the Chief Guest- Padma Shri Bharti Shivaji – exponent of Mohiniattam and Special Guests Mr. Shubhendra Rao and his wife Saskia Rao-de Haas, one a sitar player trained under Pt.Ravi Shankar and his wife a cello player who trained under Hari Prasad Chaurasia. Both also run the program “Sangeet4All” for school children.

The highlight of the program was a recital by 12 year old Rohan Singhal from Indore. This child prodigy is an International celebrity who won the third place in the World Harmonia Competition in Germany in 2017. Rohan plays all genres of music and sings too.