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Blog Bait – Respecting Parents


God couldn’t be everywhere so he made parents.

Today’s morning assembly was based on the theme of loving and respecting parents. This thought was beautifully woven in the presentation made by the senior students under the guidance of Mr. Devesh Agnihotri. Students were able to bring out the meaning of the beautiful relationship between a parent and child.

It touched a chord in everyone’s heart and brought tears to our eyes.. Everyone was able to connect with the theme. Sacrifices made by parents for their children like sacrificing their freedom, their desires, their social life, their own comfort for their children’s sake, cannot be measured. Children are so busy growing up that they forget about the little treasures of life and have no time to thank parents for all the sacrifices they made. No time to thank mothers for all that they have done in the process of raising their child. Blessed are those who have parents to guide them in this journey called life.

We must spend quality time with our parents. Personally, I can relate to it because everyday I am borrowing quality time from the Almighty.

Shilpi Kumar
TGT English

Article Credited By: Seth Anandram Jaipuria School Lucknow

My First Day In The Science Club


In 2018, I choseto join the Science Club as my new hobby and I don’t regret my decision at all. The Science Club is headed by Mr Pankaj Rathore and Mrs. Monika Taneja who gave us the best first day experience that was possible. We did some very fascinating experiments .First we made a mosquito repellent that was as powerful as those in the market and at just one-eighth the cost .To make the repellent first we took some camphor and crushed it .Then we sprayed it with turpentineoil. To make it more powerful we decided to add some neem oil to it but our Science club is all about ‘Do it yourself’ .So we had to extract Neem oil out of neem leaves .For this first we plucked out neem leaves and flowers and ground them to a paste .After this we added a little water to the paste followed by oil. Then we boiled this liquid under the guidance of Monika ma’am. Filtering this we extracted neem oil. In the process we learnt many facts about neem. We learnt about how India is one of the few countries which possesses neem in abundance. We also researched about the medical properties of neem and got to know that this wonder plant can cure almost any skin disease. We came to know that Neem Oil is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-allergic and has many more properties. So overall my first day in the Science Club was a fantastic learning experience.

Satvik Mudgal

Article Credited By: Seth Anandram Jaipuria School Lucknow

BLOGBAIT – The First Assembly of the Session


The assembly of the first day of the third session was extremely fantastic with innovative thoughts and ideas. As we know that our Assembly is dramatically different to that of other schools where there is generally a prayer and pledge along with the news and thoughts including National Anthem. But here at Seth AnandramJaipuria School, Lucknow we have a “memorable and inspiring” morning assembly every day. It includes prayer motivational videos and discussions.When we enter the Assembly hall, Principal Ma’am and other staff are already present.

On the first day our music teacher and all of us sang a very sweet and energetic song. Many new and talented students were introduced. After that our co-ordinatorMr.Pankaj Sir welcomed all the students and the staff. He inspired us all through the topic “Never take steps back after seeing a difficult task.” We should persist and if we fail we should try harder. But never say no. He showed the video of the second woman IPS officer Kanchan Chaudhary. She was the only girl amongst men training to be a police officer.She didn’t have much physical strength then, but she had courage.

Once she failed to do a task in the police training but after that she recalled the teachings of her father that we should never give up. She continued practicing and finally, she succeeded.

It was an emotional and touching video. It taught us that we should never give up. I was greatly inspired.

Tanishq Kumar Yadav

Article Credited By: Seth Anandram Jaipuria School Lucknow

Blogbait : Empower, Enthuse & Excel


I could not be a more proud Principal than I was today. Within a year, our school has won the coveted Microsoft Showcase School Badge .Our teachers are using Sway. Our children are now globally connected and being exposed to experiences through virtual field trips & Skype sessions. They are coding, creating apps, using Kodu and Minecraft. The speed with which the transformation has happened is mindboggling. All credit to my team, especially my Computer teacher Reetu Pandey and Coordinator Pankaj Rathore, both of who have the distinction of becoming MIEE’s Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts.

Today Ms Reetu Pandey conducted an intensive three hour training of all my staff members to ensure that we make further headway in this journey .She insisted that all teachers first need to become MIE’s Microsoft Innovative Educators. She gave detailed instructions on how they need to go about it. Mr.Pankaj Rathore spoke about SDG’s and the value that Microsoft Certification is going have in future jobs .I gazed at these two teachers –two “enthused” and “empowered” educators who were showing the path to “excellence”!!

We then had a Skype session with Mrs. Paramjeet Dhillon Head of Kamla Nehru School in Phagwara, that are forerunners and are world famous for the immense initiatives they have taken in becoming a truly technology driven school. Mrs. Dhillon and her team of of five teachers shared the work they are doing and promised to extend every support that we needed .This was a bunch of passionate teachers transforming lives in a small village school, and placing it on the world map.

Swati Bhushan my pre-primary teacher than took up a session on 3D-Paint and it’s use in all subjects .I couldn’t be happier at seeing how not just my children, but even my teachers have grown.

Poonam Kochitty

Article Credited By: Seth Anandram Jaipuria School Lucknow

My Experience – Prithvi Innovations


It was a regular school day when an announcement was made that we were finally all set to engage in our first project with Prithvi Innovations. We would be allotted four tasks to clean River Gomti, make posters to create awareness, paint the rocks on the river front and to grow plants. We boarded the bus and headed towards Ghailapul which was pretty far from my school. We were welcomed warmly by the members of Prithvi Innovations. Everyone was given a PrithviMitrasticker to paste on their cheeks and a band on which it was printed welcome to “RED” standing for “River Engagement Day”. It was followed by a Bhakti session in which a boy from St.Anjani’s School, chanted “Deva ShriGanesha”. It was mesmerizing. After that we were divided into four groups which were:Tree plantation, River Cleaning, Rock Art & Poster Making. I was allottedthe tree plantation group. We collectively planted a number of saplings. It was a herculean task yet we enjoyed doing it. I did little bit of rock painting. According to me it was messy, but a few of my friends appreciated my effort. After two hours of concentrated work we were served refreshments. In an informal talk over bananas & samosa, measures to protect our River Gomti were discussed. The feedback about this great experience was shared by one of my classmates, Shubhangi. A few students of different schools were awarded with participation certificates for their previous Art work. Finally we boarded our school bus with a resolve to remain connected to this cause.

I would like to sum up that the efforts put in by my school are a drop in the ocean. We still have a long way to goto improve the terrible conditions of our environment and make this beautiful planet “Earth” a better place to live in. After all it’s a gift to us by our dear Almighty.

Devansh Agarwal

Article Credited By: Seth Anandram Jaipuria School Lucknow

Blogbait : Visit to Tata Motors


Our school had visited TATA Motors on 19th March. The experience was amazing as I had visited it for the first time. We boarded the school bus and travelled to the factory. After a strict security check we boarded the Tata buses and were taken to a “Learning Centre”. What struck me was that the campus was huge and lush green with lots of trees and lawns.

In the learning Centre Mr.Usmani welcomed us and told us of the products which TATA manufactures like watches, cars, buses, trucks, chemicals, tea, also jewellery & hospitality. After that he told us the history of TATAs.

He told us that Jamshedji TATA, the founder had a vision to bring India on the world map. He wanted to establish the Iron and steel industry in India. He wanted to bring electricity to India. He wanted to built Centres of Higher Education in India.

Before he died he wrote his vision in a letter to his son in which he specified that he wanted factories where there would be wide roads, big lawns full of flowers, a hospital and school and a creche inside the factory campus for the workers, a dream which is alive today due to the efforts of the successive Heads of Tatas. The Tatas went on to build Taj Hotels and also India’s first airlines known as Air India, and the second one VISTARA. He also gave us the information that the Tatas as a CSR initiative donate a staggering 67% of their profits.

Mr.Usmani then told us some interesting facts about TATA Motors which are:

They assemble one truck every six minutes. They are very conscious of safety and excellence.

There is a rule that every person will park their car in a drive-off position for smooth exit in the case of emergency.

After that we proceeded to the TATA factory where we saw how the trucks and cars are assembled. It was a huge plant with 30 Assembly points on each line. There were two such lines. Everyone was busy working and most of the processes were mechanized.

It was really an immense learning experience for us. I was greatly inspired.

Rahul Murarka

Article Credited By: Seth Anandram Jaipuria School Lucknow

Dream World School Picnic Vlog by Ayush and Siddharth of Class 7th


Here is the first Vlog prepared by our boys Siddharth Kanodia and Ayush Jain of Class 7th. Everything from the script to the shooting, to the choice of background score and editing was all done by these two boys. For a maiden attempt they have done a great job.

Article Credited By: Seth Anandram Jaipuria School Lucknow



It was a sunny Wednesday, a day I enjoy and I was on cloud nine as it was the day when the hobby clubs take place. When I reached school, I suddenly broke into cold sweat; great heavens! I had forgotten my skates! Now, I had no other option but, to attend another hobby club. So, I went to the Science club. There, I was thrilled to bits when I got to know that we were going to isolate DNA from banana cells. I was very excited. It was a thing which I had never done before. Our Science teacher and our Head mistress did it in front of us, including some steps which were done by us. It was very interesting, how DNA could come out using household things such as a banana, Ezee washing powder, alcohol etc. It was, really a red-letter day for me.

Atharv Mohan
Class -VI

Article Credited By: Seth Anandram Jaipuria School Lucknow



In one of the Assemblies the children were asked to express whatever came to their mind when they heard the word black. Here’s the response of “Vaishnavi of class IV”.

Black is the darkest color. Black color represents strength, power and authority. Black is a beautiful, formal and prestigious color. Black color is also associated with black magic. It represents mourning, sadness and death. People these days are fond of black color mostly on formal occasion. Black color was one of the first colors used for art by artists. We also had black and white TV’s first. Black ink is the most common color for printing books, newspapers, etc.

Vaishnavi Mishra

Article Credited By: Seth Anandram Jaipuria School Lucknow

Blog Bait – Basking in the warmth of appreciation..


It’s a heartening and satisfying feeling when the Annual Day turns out to be a grand success but what really warms the heart, is the appreciation that comes in from parents. Here are some of our dear parents who took the time to send out congratulatory messages to us! Makes it worth the while.

Poonam Kochitty

The slogan of the annual function `The Year That Was……was very impressive. All the programs performed by the children were amazing and full of energy. The children were enjoying while performing on stage. They were not hesitating at all and this all happened due to the efforts of our teachers. Lastly but not the least I am happy for being a part of Jaipuria School.

Upasana Sharma
Mother of Arnav Sharma

We parents of Diksha Gupta studying in class I would like to congratulate each and every one of the staff involved in organising such an amazing and remarkable annual function.
Hard work of everyone right from security guard, organisers, teacher and Principal madam is noticeable.
We really appreciate the wise thoughts of the honourable Chief Guest Shri Srijan Pal ji.

All performances right from Ganesh Vandana to National Anthem were outstanding. The synergy among students while performing was amazing! It shows the hard work done by the teachers and students while practicing.

Rupesh Kumar Gupta, Ratna Gupta
Parents of Diksha Gupta

Incredible Jaipurians.. Fantastic, love how every child is included. Performance and efforts both are superb…

Taruna Saluja
Mother of Inika Saluja & Sahaj Saluja

One of the outstanding performance was the lezium and Ganesh Vandana. Second was Colours of India and the song – Jhoomo Re.

Sacchidanand Yadav
Father of Khushi Yadav,Mansi Yadav & Ansh Yadav

Team Jaipuria, Hats off to the entire Jaipuria team for hosting such a lovely Annual Day function. I must say that every minute of it was 100% entertaining. Must appreciate the teachers who took the entire responsibility of dressing up the kids and taking care of them throughout the function, leaving the parents to sit back and enjoy the Annual Day Fun. My daughter and son performed on the stage so smartly. My special thanks to Nidhi ma’am and Anjana ma’am . Keep up this good work . It was really a good treat for all the parents and grand parents. Not only was it entertaining but all the programs had a class in itself. The function was very well organized. Kids performed really beautifully and confidently. The whole experience was overwhelming and encouraging our kids to motivate them to perform better in cultural and entertaining programs along with studies.

Richa Mishra
Mother of Aradhya & Om Mishra

Article Credited By: Seth Anandram Jaipuria School Lucknow