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Lucknow :At Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow we always makes a conscious and diligent effort to conserve the environment and spread awareness amongst our  students for the same. In keeping up with this ideology, a workshop on ‘Solid Waste Management’ and ‘Vermicomposting’ was conducted in Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Lucknow on 13th September 2018. The inaugural workshop in the series of many national workshops was conducted in the school today. The workshop was conducted under the aegis of SARVHIT KALYAN SEVA SAMITI MEERUT, U.P. founded by Dr.Madhu Vats.The keynote speaker for the workshop was Dr Umashanker, Consultant Scientist, Bio –Tech Park. He is an eminent scientist and an accomplished academician with lots of awards, honours and fellowships to his name. Along with him were Mr. Ajay Kumar Singh and Ms Amita Singh who are experts in ground water management. They were accompanied by Mr Himanshu Singh, the coordinator of the Sarvhit Kalyan Seva Samiti.

The initial part of the workshop addressed the issue of ‘Solid Waste Management’ from the grass root levels. Dr Umashanker encouraged the students to be active participants in the solution making and executing process. He suggested ways and means to REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE products at home .He suggested that we add the value of ‘Contentment ‘to our lifestyle in an endeavour to live a minimalistic life. He suggested that young students should bring the winds of change in society and slowly move towards Zero wastage. Along with the three R’s of REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE – he added two more R’s of REFUSE AND REBUY. He advised students to become conscious of their contribution to waste management. He reiterated the fact that environment conservation and waste management have to become a part of our thinking, behaviour and lifestyle.

The second phase of the session was about ‘Vermicomposting’. Students listened to the simple yet effective procedure of composting done by earthworms. They were fascinated to hear the facts about these tiny creatures -like the absence of teeth and the presence of a strong muscular mouth that enables them to digest the waste in the compost pit. The students realised the worth and value of earthworms and their ability to generate natural, organic and chemical free compost.

The Principal, Ms Poonam Kochitty , thanked the speakers and presented them with small potted plants as a token of appreciation for their effort in the field of ‘Waste Management’  and ‘Vermicomposting’.






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