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“Curiosity is one of the permanent and certain characteristics of a vigorous intellect.” – Samuel Johnson

On 1st of August a session on Robotics was held by ‘Vigyantaran’ – an IIT Bombay pioneering tech congregation. The students of Jaipuria were wonder struck by the ‘flying quad-copter’ session. The young inquiring minds were utterly captivated by the recent show of the unmanned flying aircraft conceptualized by the enthusiasts of ‘Vigyantaran’. The amazing spectacle of the quad-copter drone in flight drew applause from our children and a sense of excitement was palpable.

The guest Mr. Shubham Gupta explained that the tech-marvel had four rotors. By varying the power to these four motors, the drone could hover, climb, descend, and turn. This remote controlled aerial vehicle has the potential of illustrative utilities like surveying, inspection, mapping which it can perform with the aid of on-board sensors. The major technicalities were explained briefly to the kids and the ultimate demonstration was a ‘tech-treat’ for all.

Besides illustrating the various applications of the mechanical aircraft, the team even succeeded in instilling the early seeds of technology & engineering competence! It is now upto the children to enrol for a two day workshop in which they will learn how to make this drone-copter.






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