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It is a constant endeavor at Seth Anandram JaipuriaSchool, Lucknow toencourage our students to become future innovators and successful entrepreneurs and to contribute in making our world a more evolved and sustainable system of existence.

It is also our endeavor to actively engage parents in school programs .On 1August 1, 2018 ,we invited Mr. Yogesh Kumar Singh ,Regional Sales Manager North-2,Health Care Business ,father of Naman Singh, class V  to deliver a talk to our students about 3M. 3M is an acronym for MINNESOTA MINING &MANUFACTURE. 3M is counted amongst the first ten of the fortune 500 companies. It has been a beacon for fostering innovation in industry.

Mr. Yogesh exalted upon the great vision and ideology of the company which has innovation at its heart. He engaged the students in an interactive session wherein he spoke about how 3M has made its presence felt in all areas of life.  The firm began its journey in 1902 and has more than 1, 13,000 patented products till date. He elaborated on how the company is spread over 70 countries including India and has more than 90,000 employees.


He encouraged the students not to get disappointed by failure as the company believes that – ‘the legacy of innovation was founded on rising from failure’.He told the students that the company’s motto was based on the core values of being good, fair, accurate, honest, loyal and respectful in every aspect of life. He further added that the company believes in the ethos of advancement, enhancement and improvement in the fields of business, work and life respectively.

The students were enthralled by the story of NeilArmstrong’s boots being designed and made by 3M. Mr. Yogesh further told the students about the company’s innovatively designed clothing used by soldiers in high altitudes. He spoke about how 3M touches our lives in big ways and small. From the glue that holds the wings of an aeroplane in place to 3M scotch glue and post its, from abrasives like scotch brite and cleaning products to 3M tapes, reflectors, signboards, sprays, films, Stethoscopes, the list is endless.3M has spread the idea of innovation in healthcare, consumer goods, safety,graphics, nanotechnology and many more areas of industrial growth. Hefurther announced that 3M has been assigned the ‘Smart City project’ for the entire nation,which was received with a huge applause by the students.

The Principal, Mrs.Poonam Kochitty, thanked Mr. Yogesh for the informative and engaging talk and assured him that the talk would surely nurture the seeds of innovation in the young and bright minds of the students.






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